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2010 Topps National Chicle Florida Marlins Team Set

2010 Topps National Chicle Florida Marlins Team Set

I don’t know much at all about the ‘National Chicle’ brand of baseball cards that Topps issued a few years back…

It appears to have been a 1-year experiment that began and ended in 2010.

From what I can see, I like the cards.  They offer a nice vintage look and feel.  The cardstock is certainly not reminiscent of modern cards as well and that helps the vintage-vibe that the set has going.

I was able to score the Marlins team set for $1.00 and so I thought that for five cards, I could afford to drop twenty cents on each card.

So, I did.  And here is the set:


I like it.  Of the five, my favorite is the one of Chris Coghlan.  And no, it is not because he is the last remaining member of the team…


Reggie Jackson 2007 Topps Triple Threads – SWEET!!!

Reggie Jackson 2007 Topps Triple Threads  – SWEET!!!

Anytime that I get the chance to show off a recently added Reggie Jackson card to my collection, I am a happy camper!

And this time around, I have a really nice one to give you a peek at…

This card comes from the 2007 Topps Triple Threads set and it features a supreme image of Reggie taking a mighty swing while sporting his Yankees pinstripes.  Speaking of pinstripes, the card’s design has kind of a starburst/pinstripe effect that works very well with the uniform that Reggie is wearing.

The card is serial numbered as 6/559.

Have a look:


I told you that it was sweet!!  And I was not lying…

Carlton Fisk 1986 Topps

Carlton Fisk 1986 Topps

Yeah baby, you know that I love ‘The Stencil Set’!!!

Check out the Carlton Fisk base card:


The more that I bring cards from the 1986 Topps release into my collection, the more that I feel that the set is very under-appreciated.

This set features some fantastic action images, like the one above of Fisk.

And while many collectors may find the design too bland, I like that the graphics take a backseat to the pictures.  I may have a differing opinion if the set only featured posed portrait style images, but for now, I LOVE IT!!!

Happy Birthday Rick Sutcliffe!!!

Happy Birthday Rick Sutcliffe!!!

Rick Sutcliffe turns 57 years old today.

Rick Sutcliffe enjoyed a very solid 18-year major league career.

A starting pitcher, with 392 starts on his resume, Sutcliffe finished his playing days with a 171-139 record. He also threw 72 complete games, including 18 strikeouts.

Sutcliffe was a dominant pitcher – largely due to his physical stature. Standing 6 feet, 7 inches tall, Sutcliffe looked better equipped to chop down trees, but he still chopped down batters in the National League. In total, he struck out 1,679 batters during his career, good for 5.6 batter per 9 innings pitched.

A winner of the Rookie of the Year award in 1979 and the Cy Young Award in 1984, Sutcliffe was highly decorated throughout his career. He is also a 3-time All-Star.

Happy Birthday to ‘The Red Baron’!!!

There Will Be No ‘Hall Of Fame Debate Tonight’. Tonight Is All About Game 7 Of The NBA Finals!!!!

There Will Be No ‘Hall Of Fame Debate Tonight’.  Tonight Is All About Game 7 Of The NBA Finals!!!!

Sorry guys, I almost never let this happen. But I have to take a night off and watch the Heat and the Spurs tonight.  Game 6 was unreal and I am expecting another great competition tonight.

While I am nowhere near as big of an NBA fan as I once was, I do enjoy the playoff atmosphere a lot.  Personally, for the last 6-7 years I have skipped the lengthy regular season and strictly watch the playoffs.

Tonight will be great!


Miami Heat