Alan Trammell ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1986 Fleer

Alan Trammell ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1986 Fleer

Now that my Alan Trammell player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #1 – 1986 Fleer


I don’t blame you if you stare at this one for a while.  This card is AWESOME!!

Everything that I love about baseball is captured in this card of Alan Trammell from the 1986 Fleer baseball card set.

And I can sum it all up in one word – HUSTLE!!!

Not blessed with blazing speed, Alan Trammell was a tireless worker.  And his efforts netted him a solid major league career that many say is Hall of Fame worthy (myself included).

The grit, the drive, the determination, and the sacrifice – all captured perfectly!

Thank you Fleer.  And Thank You, Mr.Trammell!!!

One response to “Alan Trammell ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1986 Fleer

  1. happened to see a half-dozen or so Trammel cards at the shop yesterday. I’ll be getting some popcorn ready for this series!

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