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Stan Musial 2001 Topps ’50 Years Of Topps’ – ‘Noteworthy’

Stan Musial 2001 Topps ’50 Years Of Topps’ – ‘Noteworthy’

I love this set, and I have yet to be really disappointed by any of the cards that I have added to my collection from the set.

Still on the fence about collecting the full thing, I keep an eye on singles and add them to my collection as I can.

Bringing home a card of Stan Musial is always a good thing.  And bringing home a card of Mr. Musial from this set is even better.

It’s just too bad that Topps did not feature a better picture of ‘Stan The Man’ with this issue…


I’ll give them a pass this time around, but I think that this one would look so much better had Topps given us a shot of Musial in his famous batting stance.


Johnny Bench 2005 Donruss Classics ‘Classic Singles’

Johnny Bench 2005 Donruss Classics ‘Classic Singles’

When I hear the term ‘Classic Singles’ my mind tends to run towards the great hitters of the sport that amassed the most singles in major league history.

My thoughts certainly does not go to Johnny Bench.

This card really intrigued me because I really like the design.

Have a look:


Sweet card, right?  Very appealing graphics, and nice traditional baseball colors throughout.

Would you have guessed that the card celebrates the Gold Glove and MVP accomplishments of Bench’s career??

Yeah, me either.  Until I read the back…

And now that I did, I kind of wish that I had not…

Jim Palmer 2001 Topps American Pie – ‘Decade Leaders’ – 1970s Wins Leader

Jim Palmer 2001 Topps American Pie – ‘Decade Leaders’ – 1970s Wins Leader

Not a bad one here…

And I love the theme!!!

Have a look:


This card comes from the 2001 Topps American Pie set and it celebrates Jim Palmer as the leader in wins for the decade of the 1970’s.

I wish that they had used an action image of Palmer when acknowledging such an important feat, but at least he was recognized.

A great addition to my Jim Palmer PC!

George Brett 1990 Topps

George Brett 1990 Topps

While a good old action picture on a great baseball card design will always be a ’30-YOC’ preference, I cannot help but like the ones that feature an image that is just a bit on the odd side.

No, I don’t care for cards that show players brushing their teeth or using one of the on-field cameras.

 I will, however, take cards that feature the player doing something that they may not be as known for…

Like this card of George Brett from the 1990 Topps set that shows him warming up.


There is a lot of Blue here, but you cannot escape the unique image of the ‘hitting machine’.

Andre Dawson 2013 Topps Tribute Dual-Game-Used Relic Card!!! You’ve Gotta See This One!!!

Andre Dawson 2013 Topps Tribute Dual-Game-Used Relic Card!!!  You’ve Gotta See This One!!!

This one took some patience, but I was finally able to nab it for a price that was in my budget.

When first released, these cards were selling in the $15-$20 range pretty regularly on Ebay.  I was immediately drawn to the card as it features two great images of Dawson in both his Expos and Cubs uniform.  And while I am unable to confirm if the swatches of jersey used represent both teams pictured, in my mind they do.

The card is serial numbered as 25/99 and is a great addition to my Andre Dawson relic collection!!!


There is only one thing that I could think of that would make this one better – if there was another version that featured ‘The Hawk’ in both his Red Sox and Marlins uniforms.  If that card existed, I would be after it!!!

Thanks for reading!!