Cal Ripken Jr. 2013 Topps Archives – 1972 Design

Cal Ripken Jr. 2013 Topps Archives – 1972 Design

Last week I showed off this card as part of a post that showed off the horrible treatment that the 2012 Topps brand gave the Baltimore Orioles.

Of the cards that I featured, there were six in total, my most surprising personal reaction was aimed at the card of Cal Ripken Jr.

First, let me show you the card:


First, I will say that I am happy to see that Topps chose an image for that card of a young Ripken. But beyond that, I cannot find too much to rave about…

The posed portrait is not a good one.  The cropping makes Ripken look extremely large in size.  And I even find the Light Blue & Yellow of the card’s graphic design to be far from exciting.

Overall, this card is far from what I would want out of an Archives brand.  I am guessing that Topps has hundreds, if not thousands, of Ripken images in their vault.  Going with this one makes no sense – and it makes this collector offer up a big, ‘Thumbs Down’…


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