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Brooks Robinson 2001 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ – SWEET!!!

Brooks Robinson 2001 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ – SWEET!!!

Friends, it never gets old.  Never.

Seeing a baseball card that features Brooks Robinson in his ‘ready’ position while at third base is something that all collectors should be able to get with.

I have a decent amount of cards of Brooks that feature similar imagery, but I will say that the number of different angles used to capture him playing defense keeps the cards looking fresh.

This one comes from the 2001 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ set, and the added shadow really makes his likeness pop from the card’s surface. 

And the card features two sweet logos as well – Fleer’s GOTG logo and an old-school Orioles one as well!!

Gotta love it!!!


Sparky Anderson 1985 Topps Detroit Tigers Manager Card

Sparky Anderson 1985 Topps Detroit Tigers Manager Card

For as much as I like the 1985 Topps baseball card set, I know that not every card in the set can be a ‘winner’.

So, while I think of all of the 1985 Topps baseball cards that I have scooped up since getting back into the hobby a few years ago, I would say that this card of Tigers skipper, Sparky Anderson, is one that is not a ‘stand-out’ card.

Have a look:


For me, it is just way too zoomed-in.  And if you’re going to have a card that features a manager, why not show him either in the dugout or on the mound talking to his club?

I can honestly say that I have no clue what the photographer of this shot was trying to capture…

Did You Know…

The first Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher to start in a Major League Baseball All-Star Game was Ben Sheets.  Sheets was the starter in the 2008 Mid-Summer Classic.


Happy Birthday Derek Jeter!!!

Happy Birthday Derek Jeter!!!

The Yankees’ captain turns 39 years old today.

And while it can be very easily argued that Jeter has never been the best shortstop in the league or entire sport at any point during the course of his career, I can easily say that he is one that I have the utmost respect for. A true leader on the field, Jeter has a knack for making good things happen. And whether it is luck or skill, his star seems to shine brightest when all eyes are aimed in his direction.

I typically reserve my ‘Happy Birthday’ posts for retired stars, but Jeter is in a class by himself. The legacy that he has built thus far, and continues to add to each day, is one that will last for entirety.

Derek Jeter is the guy in today’s era of superstars that shows you how much fun baseball is to play.

Happy Birthday Derek Jeter!!!  Please come back soon!!!

Private Signing Opportunity With MLB All-Star Sean Green!!!

Private Signing Opportunity With MLB All-Star Sean Green!!!

Excited to Announce a Private Signing with SHAWN GREEN! Signing to take place in private with Shawn, Monday, July 22nd in Toronto. Need items by Friday, July 19th.


Toronto Blue Jays (1993–1999)
Los Angeles Dodgers (2000–2004)
Arizona Diamondbacks (2005–2006)
New York Mets (2006–2007)

2× All-Star (1999, 2002)
Gold Glove Award winner (1999)
Silver Slugger Award winner (1999)
Hit 4 home runs in one game on May 23, 2002
Topps All-Star Rookie (1995)
Member of the 30-30 Club
Dodgers Single Season Home Run Record Holder – 49 HR’s
Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame

Your Items
Baseball Card….. $20 + S.A.S.E.
Flats/Balls….. $30 + S.A.S.E.
Bats, Jerseys….. $40 + S.A.S.E.
Inscription …..$10

My Items
My 8×10 Photo ….. $35 ppd (Blue Jays, Mets, D’Backs, Dodgers)
My ROMLB….. $50 ppd

Please email me to reserve a spot.

Please send item(s), SASE (your SASE can have US Postage on it as I will return items from the US), and payment (payment can me made by Personal Check, Cash, or Paypal – craig_nyman@hotmail.com)

Craig Nyman
41 Yeoville Ct.
Hamilton, ON, CANADA
L9C 5W4

(905) 807-9379

‘Million Dollar Question’ – If You Had A $25 Gift Card Redeemable For Any Rookie Card From The 1970’s, Which One Would You Grab??

‘Million Dollar Question’ – If You Had A $25 Gift Card Redeemable For Any Rookie Card From The 1970’s, Which One Would You Grab??

Last week, we took a little detour with ‘Million Dollar Question’ as I had a Lou Brock inspired theme that fit well with Brock’s birthday last Tuesday.  Prior to that, we had been discussing rookie cards of the 1970’s and I wanted to continue with that theme tonight.

This is going to be a lot of fun…

The two previous posts related to this theme have discussed the most underrated and overrated rookie cards that were issued during the 1970’s.  The conversations have been candid, eye-opening, and a lot of fun.

To continue down this road, I thought I would try a new approach.  An approach that is sure to net some unique answers.


This one attaches your personal collection and collecting style to the question.  While other ‘Million Dollar Questions’ have been about baseball card collecting as a whole, they have not really been designed to make you reach into your baseball card album.  This one will!!

So, for this ‘Million Dollar Question’, I ask you: ‘If You Had A $25 Gift Card Redeemable For Any Rookie Card From The 1970’s, Which One Would You Grab’??

With so many cards to choose from, what would be the card would you want most??  Do you want one that you have drooled over for years?  Do you want to upgrade a badly beaten-up card that you have carried around for 30+ years?  Is there a player you cherish now that you did not in prior times?

For me, this one was a lot of fun to think about.  I really have a nice collection of cards featuring players that debuted in the 1970’s, and among them I have rookie cards of Dave Winfield, Ozzie Smith, Gary Carter, Dennis Eckersley, Dave Parker, Ken Griffey Sr.  I also have rookie cards of Ozzie Smith, Dale Murphy, Alan Trammell, Eddie Murray, Paul Molitor, and more.

So, for me, I don’t want a duplicate when there are so many good ones to still go after.

And after thinking about this long and hard, my choice came down to three guys.

First, it was Robin Yount, but I quickly moved on from him to another player.

Then, I considered Steve Garvey but passed on him too.

I almost went with Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage, but I can land his rookie cards for roughly $8-$10 if shopped properly.

And then it hit me!!!

George Brett rookie

George Brett’s 1975 Topps card!!  That is the one that I would want!!!!  If shopped with patience and the willingness to accept EX condition opposed to MINT, I think that this can be done.

And now it is your turn.  What card would you go after??