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Andre Dawson 2013 Topps Tribute – Blue

Andre Dawson 2013 Topps Tribute – Blue

Thankfully, I am an uber-0rganized guy.  And I use that skill (??) for my work all of the time. 

And I have transitioned that to my baseball card collecting as well.  And it has worked out very well for me thus far.

When I decided to go after modern issues for my collection, I was fearful of all of the cards that are released and how it could be very easy to get unorganized quickly.  But, with the system that I put into place, I have been able to overcome what I thought would be a tough thing to conquer.

And this has led to me being able to keep on top of the new cards as they are released.

And it also helped me land my latest addition to my Andre Dawson collection – his card from the 2013 Topps Tribute set.  This one is the Blue version and is serial numbered as 43/99.



Johnny Bench 2005 Topps Gallery

Johnny Bench 2005 Topps Gallery

The Topps Gallery sets that came out in the mid 2000’s offered up a nice change for the hobby.

Still sporting images of great, legendary players, the sets brought art into the picture (no pun intended)…

The design that the Topps Gallery set featured in 2005 allowed for a very large surface for the portrait.  And the portraits definitely takes center stage.

Here is the Johnny Bench card:


Gotta love it!!!!

Mike Schmidt 1981 Donruss *MVP*

Mike Schmidt 1981 Donruss *MVP*

I am a big fan of cards that celebrate the history of the sport and the great players that help build it.

So, when I hear that a card celebrates a player’s winning of the MVP Award, I get pretty excited.

And that it what happened with the 1981 Donruss set.  They built a card to commemorate Mike Schmidt’s winning of the 1980 National League MVP Award.

Unfortunately, it looks like this:

Ok, far from spectacular, but I am willing to give Donruss a pass on this one…

It was their debut set and they didn’t really have creativity going in their favor.  But, they could have kicked in a better image selection…  That would have helped.

Happy Birthday To The Canseco Brothers!!!

Happy Birthday To The Canseco Brothers!!!

Jose and Ozzie Canseco turn 49 years old today.

While one brother reached the pinnacle of baseball success and the other barely made a dent as a professional player, the Canseco brothers have left a mark on the sport that will never be forgotten. Namely due to Jose’s actions regarding steroids and bringing light to its influence in baseball, Canseco will always be remembered and linked to performance enhancing drugs and their effect on the game.

But too often, it is forgotten how dominant Jose was during his playing days. Even at the end of his career, Jose was able to fill the stands with fans wanting to watch him play and he continued to deliver the long ball for them.

What I would like to give Jose is a ‘Re-do’. He says that if he could take back the books he wrote that he would. He says he never would put someone through what he has been through. I’d like to test that theory. But more than that, I would like to see how good and strong of a contribution to the game Jose could have made had he been the ideal teammate with a ‘team first’ mentality.

Happy Birthday Jose!!!

Bryce Harper Belts A Home Run In First At-Bat After Returning From The Disabled List!!!

Bryce Harper Belts A Home Run In First At-Bat After Returning From The Disabled List!!!

From USAToday.com

WASHINGTON — Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson walked into the clubhouse Monday afternoon and, at long last, saw his star Bryce Harper sitting at his locker preparing for a game.

Johnson later said it felt like the first time he saw his slugger in half a year. In reality, Monday night was Harper’s first time in the Nationals lineup since May 26 — a little over a month ago. In his first at-bat, Harper, wearing a thin padded knee brace, knocked his 13th home run of the season, narrowly clearing the left-center field fence.

Johnson’s skewed perception of how long he has been without Harper is probably because it really did feel like a six-month absence to a team that has been struggling to stay above .500. Left knee bursitis caused Harper to miss 31 games after he ran into the outfield fence at Dodger Stadium on May 13 and aggravated the knee several times after that.

“It’s good to have him back,” Johnson said. “He shook my hand today and said, ‘Yeah, I’m ready.’ ”

Johnson also said he expects to see the same fearless and occasionally reckless Harper on the field, saying “I’m sure he’ll still run into walls.” Harper is coming off a four-game rehab stint at Class A Potomac and Class AA Harrisburg. In those games, the 20-year-old hit .354 with a home run and scored five runs. According to Harper, there was a little bit of swelling, but he ran the bases comfortably after a couple slides.

Monday night’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers marked the official halfway point of the season for Washington, and despite looking up only at the Atlanta Braves, the Nationals are 41-40 and still have a 6.5-game deficit to make up in the National League East division.


Andy Pettitte Sets All-Time New York Yankees Strikeout Record Passing Hall Of Famer Whitey Ford

Andy Pettitte Sets All-Time New York Yankees Strikeout Record Passing Hall Of Famer Whitey Ford

From ESPN.com

MINNEAPOLIS — Andy Pettitte has broken Whitey Ford’s record for career strikeouts by a New York Yankees pitcher.

Pettitte struck out Justin Morneau in the fifth inning against Minnesota on Monday night to give him 1,958 for his career. Ford has held the mark since he retired in 1967.

Pettitte entered the game needing two strikeouts to break the record. He fanned Clete Thomas in the second inning to tie it, then got Morneau swinging in the fifth.


The three-time All-Star broke into the big leagues with the Yankees in 1995 and has spent all but three of his 18 seasons in pinstripes.

UPDATE TIME: 30-Year Old Cardboard’s 2013 Collecting Goals!!!

UPDATE TIME:  30-Year Old Cardboard’s 2013 Collecting Goals!!!

Well friends, we have officially pass the half-way mark of 2013.  And I would like to take this time to run through all my 2013 collecting goals so I can officially document my progress.

Sound like fun?  I hope so!

I will keep the original post in tact and simply add the status of each goal in Red.



1 – Andre Dawson player collection. My Dawson collection has shaped up very nicely. I added some bulk to my autograph and relic collections in 2012. I am hoping to bring more certified cards into my collection in 2013. My goal is reach 1,100 unique cards this year. I currently set with 1,056. If Dawson is in a handful of 2013 releases, I don’t think that this will be a problem to accomplish. In addition to cards, I am going to try working on a few new projects that will bolster both the size and quality of my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection. I promise that it will be FUN!!!  The Dawson collection is at 1,087.  1,100 is within sight!!

2 – Fergie Jenkins player collection. The size of my Fergie Jenkins collection increased nicely in 2012, but I did not meet my collecting goal of 284 cards. I am at 248, and will work to get to 300 by the end of the year. The problem lies with Fergie not being in too many base sets. He gets into a lot of autograph subsets, but not the main set, and that hurts the ease of nabbing new/affordable cards. I am going to have to go back to the 1970s and 1980s to hit my goal. Luckily, there are enough oddballs out there that I still need.  I am at 271 with my Jenkins collection and I have hit a wall. So many of his new cards are autos or relics, and I just cannot spend that kind of cash right now.  300 is not looking very likely…  I wish he had more oddballs t ochase!!

3 – Jim Palmer player collection. The first year of building my Jim Palmer set was awesome. I have 197 different Palmer cards in my collection at this time. I am going to shoot for 270 as my goal. Between keeping up with his 2013 releases and there being a ton of 2012 and 2011 cards that I need of him, I am hoping I can do this. In addition to that, there a lot of oddball cards of Palmer from the 1970s and 1980s that I want to scoop up too. Lastly, I really want to nab a few more auto and relic cards of Palmer as the year goes by.  I am at 220 – Sadly, 270 is not going to happen this year.  Still the bump from 197 to 220 in six months is solid!!

4 – Player Collections. Overall, my current player collections are coming along nicely. I should complete my Alan Trammell, Dave Parker, Rollie Fingers, and Eric Davis collections in the coming months. I am still chipping away at some of the other PC’s I am working on too – Tony Perez, Brooks Robinson, Mike Schmidt, Johnny Bench, and of course Billy Williams. If all goes well, I will add some new (old) cards of each of these guys to my collection in the coming year. And after I complete a few more PC’s, I have some great ideas for a few more to get started on.  I continue to progress nicely with my current crop of player collections.  I have completed a few so far this year and should be able to knock out a few more in the coming months if all goes well….

5 – Florida/Miami Marlins team sets. I am loving my album of team sets that pays homage to the history of the Florida/Miami Marlins. I currently have 46 completed team sets of ‘The Fish’ in my collection, and I look to build the count up to 80 in the coming year. I am building a very nice collection of Marlins team sets.  I now sit at 76 and should easily surpass the 80 that was my goal!

6 – Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set. I scooped a few cards from this set at a recent card show. I love the look of the card’s special logo, and I think that building the set would be a great challenge. The set is not large, and I am not certain as to how they were obtained back in 1999, but they seem to be on the rare side as I do not find them readily available. This will be a blast!  I need just four more to complete this set – YES!!!

7 – Hank Aaron 2000 Topps Commemorative Set. Like the Nolan Ryan set, this is another one that I cannot wait to go after. I have just one card from this set, but it was enough to get me interested in the whole thing. Like the Ryan card, this set that honors Hank Aaron has a superb Golden logo that really stands out as a great graphic feature of the card. I am ready to go after this one – Now!  17 down, 6 to go!!

8 – Signed Baseball Collection. My signed baseball collection is looking SWEET!! I am just under 100 signed balls as we start the 2013 collecting year. I will have no problem reaching the magical number of 100 this year, but my goal is about more than that. This year, I am seeking quality over quantity!! I already have two balls in the works that have that goal in mind. Now, it is time to stick with that goal and execute for the entire year.  Quality has been on my mind in 2013 – currently, I sit at 103 signed balls!  I have a few things inthe works that could increase that number, but again, I want quality right now so I am being very picky.


And there you have it, that was a lot of fun to recap!

I have a lot on the horizon too – and I will start announcing my plans as I get deeper entrenched on what I am trying to accomplish.  If you know me and my collecting style, I think you will like the news I will be sharing.  Some you may expect from a guy like me, and some will surely surprise you!!!

Stay tuned.  And as always, Thanks for Reading!!!