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Gary Carter 2013 Topps Archives – 1972 Topps Design

Gary Carter 2013 Topps Archives – 1972 Topps Design

Man, it seems like each and every card that I encounter from the 2013 Topps Archives set that uses the ’72 Topps design offers a zoomed-in image.

And way too ‘Zoomed-In’ at that!!!

This is Gary Carter’s card from the set:


I will say that I always enjoy adding a new Expos card to my collection.  And I really like the way that the teams’ nameplate looks when put into the ’72 Topps graphic design.

The photo choice, while too close, is a good one.  It features a very young Carter and is a great shout-out to those old, vintage, non-earflap having batting helmets!!


Carlton Fisk 1986 Donruss – Great Picture, Horrible Card Design!!!

Carlton Fisk 1986 Donruss

Without a doubt, the 1986 Donruss baseball card design is one of my least favorite cards released during the 1980’s.

For me, the card’s design offered just way too much movement.  Between the horrible faux-pinstripe that the card’s border featured, and the mis-cut frame that surrounded each image, these cards are simply hard to look at.

And if you look at them for an extended period of time, you will either see the image start to move OR you will suffer a large headache…

Anyways, the card of Carlton Fisk from this set features such a nice image that it almost makes the card tolerable – ALMOST!


But, not quite….

1997 HEADLINE: Montreal Expos Retire Andre Dawson’s #10 Jersey

1997 HEADLINE: Montreal Expos Retire Andre Dawson’s #10 Jersey

On this day in 1997, the Montreal Expos retired the #10 jersey of Andre Dawson.

This was the second time in franchise history that the Expos put #10 in their rafters, with the first being for Rusty Staub.

Dawson was a fan favorite during his ten seasons in Montreal.  He was known for his excellent all-around play in which he demonstrated baseball’s ‘Five Tools’ on a nightly basis.

As for the history of the Montreal Expos franchise, Andre Dawson ranks highly in the following categories:

Games played – 4th, 1,443
At Bats – 2nd – 5,628
Hits – 3rd – 1,575
Runs Scored – 2nd – 828
Doubles – 3rd – 295
Home Runs – 2nd – 225
RBI – 2nd – 838
Stolen Bases – 3rd – 253

Atta Boy Hawk!!!

Dawson number 10

1993 Headline: Rickey Henderson Starts Double Headers With Homers!!

1993 Headline: Rickey Henderson Starts Double Headers With Homers!!

On this day in 1993, Rickey Henderson and his Oakland A’s teammates battled against the Cleveland Indians in a double-header.

What is so special about that you ask? Double-headers are a normal part of a baseball schedule you say…

Well during this double header, a man by the name of Rickey Henderson led off both of these games with home runs, a feat that had not been accomplished in 60 years. In game #1, Henderson launched a homer off of Paul Abbott. And then just a few short hours later he did it again, this time of off Mark Clark.

Happy Anniversary Rickey Henderson, a true one-of-a-kind player!!!

Happy Birthday Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage!!!

Happy Birthday Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage!!!

The ‘Goose’ turns 62 years old today.

The man known for his famous facial hair has an equally impressive baseball resume. With a career that spanned 22 seasons, Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage put together a Hall of Fame caliber list of accomplishments.

124 Wins, 310 saves, 3.01 ERA, 1,502 strikeouts, a 9-time All-star, 5 Top-6 finishes for the Cy Young Award, and a World Series champion!! Not too shabby, not too shabby at all…

Happy Birthday ‘Goose’!!!

No ‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ Tonight. Enjoy The Evening With Your Families!!!

No ‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ Tonight.  Enjoy The Evening With Your Families!!!

My kids are at the age now where they know certain things will be happening during certain holidays.  And they start asking about them months before they are scheduled to occur.

Both of my boys have been asking ‘How long until we go to the baseball park to watch the fireworks’.  Up until today, my answers have been: ‘A few months’, ‘Next month’, ‘A few weeks’, ‘Next week’, ‘A few days’, ‘Later this week’, and ‘Tomorrow’.

Well boys, I can finally say what you’ve been wanting to hear:



Enjoy the festivities, everyone!!!