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Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #8 – 1975 Topps Design

Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #8 – 1975 Topps Design

One of my 2013 collecting goals was to complete the 1999 Topps Nolan Ryan Commemorative baseball card set. The set features a re-print of each of Ryan’s base cards issued by Topps from his rookie season to his final season.

This is the 8th card in the set, a re-print of Ryan’s 1975 Topps baseball card:


As for Ryan’s 1975 baseball season, it was another fine season, just not a spectacular one  In 28 starts, Ryan went 14-12 with 10 complete games and 5 shutouts.  He had an ERA of 3.45 while striking out 186 batters in 198 innings of work.

In the seasons prior to and after the ’75 season, Ryan started 41 and 39 games.  In 1975, he did not play after game 131 of the Angels’ season missing between 6-8 starts.

Rod Carew 2013 Topps Archives – 1990 Topps Design

Rod Carew 2013 Topps Archives – 1990 Topps Design

I am so happy that for Rod Carew’s baseball card in the 2013 Archives set that Topps went with the 1990 Topps card design.


Well, two reasons:
(1) Of the four card designs that are part of the 2013 set, the only one that he did not appear on in the regular set was the 1990 set
(2) For some reason, in my opinion, teams with a Red, White, and Blue color scheme look really good with the 1990 Topps graphic design

Have a look:


The card looks great!

And I really, really like the oversize image that they used of Mr. Carew for this card.

Great job, Topps!!!

Jim Rice 1986 Topps – Does This Qualify As An ‘On-Deck’ Card???

Jim Rice 1986 Topps

I’m on a bit of a 1986 Topps kick as of late.  I love the card design, and the space that is left over for a nice, large picture.

Have a look at Jim Rice’s card from the set:


So, does this qualify as an ‘On-Deck’ baseball card?

I’ve always been a big fan of cards that feature a player standing or squatting inside the on-deck circle as they prepare to go to work.  And this card of Rice clearly shows him preparing to do just that.  Sadly, we just don’t get to see where he is physically standing…

But, in my mind, he is absolutely standing on the circle prepping for his turn.

So, ‘Yes’ this card gets my approval.  Go Get ‘Em Jimmy!!!

2011 HEADLINE: Derek Jeter Joins The 3,000 Hits Club!!!

2011 HEADLINE: Derek Jeter Joins The 3,000 Hits Club!!!

On this day in 2011, Derek Jeter hit the 3,000th hit of his major league career.

At home in Yankee Stadium, and in front of a capacity crowd, Derek Jeter joined the ‘3,000 Hits Club’.

Entering the game, Jeter needs just hit two hits to reach the baseball milestone. And he took care of that in a major way – a home run in third inning. Jeter became just the second player in major league history to have his 3,000th hit be a home run. The first player was Wade Boggs.

Jeter ended the day with 5 hits in 5 at-bats; he hit 3 singles, 1 double, and 1 home run. And more importantly, the Yankees won the game 5-4.

Happy Anniversary Derek Jeter!!!