Jim Rice 1986 Topps – Does This Qualify As An ‘On-Deck’ Card???

Jim Rice 1986 Topps

I’m on a bit of a 1986 Topps kick as of late.  I love the card design, and the space that is left over for a nice, large picture.

Have a look at Jim Rice’s card from the set:


So, does this qualify as an ‘On-Deck’ baseball card?

I’ve always been a big fan of cards that feature a player standing or squatting inside the on-deck circle as they prepare to go to work.  And this card of Rice clearly shows him preparing to do just that.  Sadly, we just don’t get to see where he is physically standing…

But, in my mind, he is absolutely standing on the circle prepping for his turn.

So, ‘Yes’ this card gets my approval.  Go Get ‘Em Jimmy!!!

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