Did You Know…

The first player in major league history to post a season with 40 home runs, 40 doubles, and 40 stolen bases in the same season was Alfonso Soriano.  In 2006, Soriano connected for 41 doubles, 46 home runs, and 41 stolen bases for the Washington Nationals.


4 responses to “Did You Know…

  1. Also,Soriano recently joined Barry Bonds, your guy Andre Dawson, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez and Gary Sheffield as the only major league players with at least 1,000 RBIs, 400 doubles, 350 home runs and 250 stolen bases in their careers. ‘ ‘ ‘

    • Hackenbush- Soriano is a guy that I never really cared for. I actually liked him best as a Yankee. I just cannot fathom him in the same class as these players….

      • At times Alfonso’s play has troubled me, and I don’t think he’s lived up to the huge contract he got, but over time I’ve grown to admire him for his love of the game and his clubhouse attitude. I do believe he’s a good guy. I personally don’t care to see Bonds and A-Rod with the likes of Mays and Dawson.

  2. This little guy doesn’t get enough credit! Incredible combination of speed and power. I actually think hell get a lot of Hall Of Fame votes when he hangs it up. I’m a really big fan. Glad to see him back w/ the Yankees. He gotta raw deal when NY dealt him for that piece of trash AROD.

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