Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Vladimir Guerrero!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Vladimir Guerrero!!!

Vlad Guerrero has not had a major league at-bat since the end of the 2011 baseball season.  And while I have yet to read a report that states he has retired from the game, it is time to think about the legacy that he has left behind and how it rates as compared to his peers.

Guerrero played in the majors for sixteen seasons.  He demonstrated all of ‘Baseball’s Five Tools’ during that time and was considered to be an elite player for parts of the mid-2000’s.

Like many others that started their careers in Montreal (Dawson, Carter, Raines, Johnson, Martinez, etc.) attention did not truly come to Guerrero until he joined the Angels, and then the Rangers and finally the Orioles.

Vlad Guerrero

Vlad Guerrero was a lifetime .318 hitter.  He never won a batting title, but he hit .300 or better in 13 of his 16 big league campaigns, including a personal high of .345 in 2000.

Vlad accumulated 2,590 career hits including 477 doubles, 46 triples, and 449 home runs.  He led the league in 2002 with 206 hits – one of his four 200+ hit efforts.  Vlad also put together six 30-HR seasons and two 40-HR seasons as well. 

He drove in 1,496 runs during his playing days while scoring 1,328 runs.  He also stole 180 bases during his major league career, tallying a career-high of 40 steals in 2002.

Vlad Guerrero was an All-Star nine times.  He won eight Silver Slugger Awards.  And he was the American League’s MVP in 2000.  He also has four other ‘Top Six’ finishes for the MVP Award to his credit.

Guerrero played in just one World Series, in 2010 with the Rangers, but they did not win the title.  In his sixteen major league seasons, he made it to the playoffs six times.

So, is Vladimir Guerrero worthy of your Hall of Fame vote?  Based on what you know that he did on the field, does he stack up with the best players of his era?

I tell you what – He gets my vote!!!

His numbers are much more impressive than what I thought that they were.  Ultimately, like many others that started in Montreal, I think that hurts him a bit.  But I do think that he did well enough with the Angels to make people take notice.  His all-around play was superb, and he offered an unreal mix of both contact and power that put him into an elite class.  And while Guerrero did not win any Gold Gloves, he did have a cannon of an arm – and many people mention his name when recalling the strongest outfield arms in recent memory.


And now it is your turn.

Cast your vote for Vladimir Guerrero now!!!

25 responses to “Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Vladimir Guerrero!!!

  1. Vlad was good, but I would definitely rank him below Raines AND Larry Walker on the Ex-Expo outfielder hall of fame admission list (and I say this, of course, as a person who saw all three of them play at the Stade Olympique)

    • anagramsci- I would not aargue Vlad over Raines, but him against Walker would make for a very iterestig debate!

      • indeed! Walker and Vlad were both great — but I do think Walker was a little greater. Seems like voters are writing Walker off because of the Denver effect, but his career (park adjusted) OPS+ is higher than Vlad’s AND he was a much, much, much better defensive player… Neither was as good as Tim Raines, of course – and all three of them were better than Andre Dawson (growing up in Montreal during the early 1980s, you couldn’t help but love “The Hawk”, but there’s no way he should have gotten in to the Hall before Raines)

      • Anagramsci- ill agree with Walker over Vlad. But, Dawson is the most well-rounded player of those four. While Raines may be a 10 as a base runner, he did not deliver equally at all levels like Dawson. Dawson would be an 8/8.5 at most major levels in which a batter or defender is measured – and in some cases (defense) higher!!

    • ah, I’ll admit, my reservations about Dawson (and, to a lesser extent, Vlad) may be rooted in a lifelong aversion to players who don’t draw walks! The result of growing up idolizing Henderson and Raines, I suppose!

      Still, walks and OBP are definitely more important HOF criteria than SO/AB – as an ardent Bill Jamesian from the early 1980s to today, I have always agreed that it really does not matter how often a player strikes out, as long as they are doing a lot of damage when they do make contact – or work themselves on base via ball four…

  2. For me Vlad is in. His numbers would have been a little higher if he hadn’t got injured in 2003 & 2009. His hit total would have been around 2,700 and his home run total would have been around 475. His RBI total should be higher not just because of the injuries but he played for a very lackluster team in Baltimore during the 2011 season. Vlad not having any gold gloves in insane! He was a great defender with a Clemente like arm that made runners think twice about going for an extra base. They seem to hand out gold gloves to the same players every year whether they deserve them or not.

    He plays baseball (Long Island Ducks in 2013) with a passion that a lot of players don’t seem to have and I would love to see him get another shot with a MLB team very soon.

  3. Yes. And I would rank him over both Walker and Rains

  4. Vlad was a beast! Not a first ballot guy… but he’d get my vote.

  5. Yes, indeed a HOF’er!

  6. Black Ink
    gives him a 6, Average HOFer ≈ 27

    Gray Ink
    gives him a 166, Average HOFer ≈ 144

    Hall of Fame Monitor
    gives 209, Likely HOFer ≈ 100

    Hall of Fame Standards
    gives 58, Average HOFer ≈ 50

    So yes, he’s a HOFer in the existing Hall.

    To reach my Hall of Fame, a player must meet three criteria:
    1) Must have been in the top 10 for AB/SO at least one season in his league.
    2) Must have been in the top 10 for SB at least one season in his league.
    3) Must have been in the top 10 for Zone Runs at least one season in his league.

    Vlad meets the first two criteria:
    1999 NL 9.8 (8th)
    2004 AL 8.3 (10th)
    2005 AL 10.8 (3rd)
    2010 AL 9.9 (5th)
    2011 AL 10.0 (4th)

    Stolen Bases
    2001 NL 37 (3rd)
    2002 NL 40 (4th)

    But he was never in the top ten for Zone Runs. Nor was he ever #1 in zone runs for his position.

    • Matt- that is a pretty unique way to look at the numbers!! Off the top of your head, are there any recently elected members of the Hall that do not meet your threshold?!

      • Oh yeah, in fact, there are only about 26 players all-time who meet my threshold. I’ve been meaning to make a blog post about this…

      • Matt- I was guessing that your criteria had fewer entrants… Something tells me that you’d also have fewer ticket sales for your museum as well! LOL

        I like the critical approach as it ensures only ‘elite’ members get in, but I just have a hard time absorbing the criteria when the game has evolved so much over the last 100 years. The rules may be close to the same, but the game and players have certainly changed!!

  7. Late to the party, but Vladdy Daddy is in the HOF for me. His swing wasn’t HOF like, but the results of his swing were. In the last HOF vote, a couple of players didn’t get in based on the era they played, but I think if you look at Vlad, his body frame stayed pretty lanky throughout his career. So I think his numbers are a true representation of his talent. I think if pitchers voted on players they faced for the HOF, he would undoubtedly get in. I don’t think anyone wanted to pitched to him. It wasn’t like you could pitch out and away or high without him getting a cut at it.

  8. Definetly in! Take out the steroid and HGH guys or reduce their numbers to realistic levels and Guerrero would easily win at least 2 more MVP’s and his Black ink stamnding would be around 24 or in the 30’s. How many guys hit, scored, driove in runs, had a cannon, hit extra bases, all to HoF levels for at least 10 years? Vlad and Gehrig. Add in OPS and OPS+ and you still only get Vlad amongst outfielders.

  9. definitely hall of famer. try hitting .318 LIFETIME IN THE BIG LEAGUES. NUFF SAID

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