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Fergie Jenkins 2013 Topps Tribute – #10/25 – GOLD!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2013 Topps Tribute – GOLD!!!

I can honestly say that I did not expect to get this deep into the Fergie Jenkins rainbow from the 2013 Topps Tribute set.

Usually, I stop my searching for cards from a series like this at the card that is serial numbered to 50 copies.  I am usually able to grab that card and the higher frequency ones rather easily, but tend to see a much higher price tag for the ones serial numbered to 25 copies.

So, when I found this one of Fergie numbered to just 25 copies, I ‘watched’ it just to see how much it was going to sell for.  And when I discovered that the bids were very low as the auction neared its final stages, I went into ‘Attack Mode’ and walked away the victor.

And now, the Gold Topps Tribute card of Fergie Jenkins, numbered as 10/25, is mine!!!

Here is the card:


Florida Marlins 2005 Bowman Heritage Team Set

Florida Marlins 2005 Bowman Heritage Team Set

I’ve never really gotten behind the ‘Heritage’ brand of baseball cards – neither the Bowman or Topps versions.

I like the idea, and I like the look of the reproduced cards as a whole, but a set that only features modern players is not one that I will get too excited about.

So, while you won’t find any box or pack breaks of ‘Heritage’ product at 30-Year Old Cardboard, you may find a few team sets and singles…

And this is the Florida Marlins team set from the 2005 Bowman Heritage issue:



The set utilizes the 1951 Bowman design and I like what I am seeing.  The mixture of both vertical and horizontal cards makes it a little hard to look at while in a 9-pocket page, but the cards feature original poses and great color.

I especially like the Juan Pierre card(second scan, lower left) from this set!!

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Wall Climbers’ Subset – Ichiro

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Wall Climbers’ Subset – Ichiro

The 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Wall Climbers’ set is a piece of art.  The cards feature stunning graphics with images that capture some of baseball’s greatest action – the art of leaping into the air and bringing back would be home run balls.

The set offers just 10 cards, but each one is an amazing look at one of baseball’s great highlights.

This is the card of Ichiro Suzuki from the set:


In each of his first ten seasons in the major leagues, Ichiro captured a Gold Glove Award for his excellence at defense in the outfield.  His strong arm, throwing accuracy, and ability to make plays by covering an incredible amount of ground quickly made him one of the sport’s greatest and most exciting defenders.

Carlton Fisk 1984 Fleer – A Poorly Executed ‘Batting Cage Card’

Carlton Fisk 1984 Fleer

This card certainly falls into the ‘What Could Have Been’ category…

I love cards that feature images of players both inside and outside the batting cage.  And this one shows Carlton Fisk on the outside of the cage prepping himself before getting his turn to take a round of swings during BP.

But, the photo choice is simply awful.  And if it was not for the fact that ‘Pudge’ is wearing a neat White Sox batting practice jersey, this photo would be tagged as horrible, terrible even…

Have a look:


I told you.

Special Announcements Coming To ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ Next Week!!!

Special Announcements Coming To ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ Next Week!!!

Friends, I have been re-organizing and planning for a few weeks and the end result will be a few special announcements launching next week at ’30-YOC’.

They’re all collecting-based, and I think that you’ll like what you see/read.

I’ll have a few more legendary ‘Player Collection’ announcements…

I’ll have a few surprise modern ‘Player Collection’ announcements…

And I will be unveiling the next ‘Super Collection’ that I will be building…

I have just a few minor things to wrap up in the coming days but then the announcements will start being rolled out.

Stay tuned to ’30-YOC’ – IT WILL BE A BLAST!!!