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Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #9 – 1976 Topps Design

Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #9 – 1976 Topps Design

One of my 2013 collecting goals was to complete the 1999 Topps Nolan Ryan Commemorative baseball card set. The set features a re-print of each of Ryan’s base cards issued by Topps from his rookie season to his final season.

This is the 9th card in the set, a re-print of Ryan’s 1976 Topps baseball card:


As for Ryan’s 1976 major league season, he started 39 games for the Angels but was unable to post a winning record.  He went 17-18 on the year while throwing 21 complete games and a league-leading 7 shutouts.  Ryan posted an ERA of 3.36 on the year and allowed a league-leading 6.1 hits per nine innings.  Ryan was also the AL league leader in walks (183), strikeouts (327) and strikeouts per nine innings (10.4).

Johnny Bench 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads – ‘Throwback Collection’

Johnny Bench 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads – ‘Throwback Collection’

I love baseball cards of Johnny Bench sporting all of his vintage catcher’s gear.

And this card from the 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads set offers up a great shot of the Hall of Famer.

Check it out:


But I cannot forgive Donruss for basically giving us 50% of empty, wasted space on this card.  I mean it – half of the card is blank, empty, missing, caput…

Love the small picture of Bench, but this card is awful.

Shame on you, Donruss!!!

Jim Rice 1985 Donruss

Jim Rice 1985 Donruss

I have always preferred the 1985 Donruss Black-bordered set over its younger brother, the 1987 set.

While neither of them really offers a lot of originality as it relates to graphic design, I do think that the 1985 product offered up better photographs.

This card from the ’85 of Jim Rice is one of them!!


I think that it is safe to say that this shot was taken at a Spring Training facility because the fans in the background are really, really close to the action.  And I do not know of a single park in major league baseball that uses chain-link fence as its backstop!!!

Great card.

Happy Birthday Terry Pendleton!!!

Happy Birthday Terry Pendleton!!!

Terry Pendleton turns 53 years old today.

Pendleton was the National League’s MVP during the 1991 season. And he was also the runner-up for the award in 1992 as well. Raising his game to new heights during those 2 seasons, Pendleton hit .319 and .311 respectively. In those 2 campaigns, he collected 386 hits, including 73 doubles, 9 triples, and 43 home runs. He was also a scoring machine as he scored 192 times while also stealing 12 bases.

Pendleton played in 5 World Series match-ups for the Cardinals and Braves. His teams lost all 5 series’.

Happy Birthday Mr. Pendleton!!!

Players & Picks For the All-Star MVP Contest!!!

Players & Picks For the All-Star MVP Contest!!!

Alright Guys, you’ve all made your selections. Now the only thing left to do is sit back and watch the greatest exhibition in sports tonight!

Here is a snapshot of the players in the contest and the All-Stars representing them:

Player Pick
shawn david wright
hackenbush miguel cabrera
the lost collector robinson cano
irondequoit36 chris davis
commishbob manny machado
swirly007 andrew mccutchen
victor dascanio pedro alvarez
jeff freddie freeman
jeff s bryce harper
jared willden david ortiz
mgrlvr brandon phillips
jeff buster posey
john deane adam jones
sanjosefuji yadier molina
connorhoopman adam jones (OUT)
stealing home carlos gonzalez
ag mike trout
pat weber prince fielder
ron churchwell joe mauer
brian c domonic brown
matt wilson allen craig
superduperman99 matt carpenter
daniel wilson paul goldschmidt
tom siegler michael cuddyer
gerad carlos beltran
q mariano rivera
rich justin verlander

Enjoy the game everyone – I will have a post announcing the winner of the contest tomorrow morning!!!

And don’t forget that this is the prize you’re all fighting for:

ASG MVP Contest

See you tomorrow.

Adding Two Modern Players To The ’30-YOC’ Player Collection Roster!!! Read More Now!!!

Adding Two Modern Players To The ’30-YOC’ Player Collection Roster!!!  Read More Now!!!

I’m really going out of my normal realm on this one, but I did promise a week’s worth of collecting announcements for the blog this week so why not knock it out of the park with one that would be considered a ‘shocker’!?!?!?

This blog has existed for almost five years, and my primary focus during that time has been on honoring and celebrating the major league careers of the guys that I cheered for as a kid. 

That focus will continue, you can count on that.

But, with all of the baseball that I watch, it is hard to not get excited about the new crop of players I am watching these days. 

So, while I am not departing from my original goals with getting back into the hobby, I am expanding.

And I am starting with two players.

Two guys that play the game the way that I enjoy watching it be played.  Two guys that have limitless potential.

Here they are:

Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins – This guy has all of the offensive skills to be a .300/40/120 guy.  If he can stay healthy and get himself into a comfortable spot in the batting order, he will blossom.  Stanton is a future All-Star, and the Marlins have been working to add the right kind of pieces both in front of him and behind him in the lineup to give him the best opportunity to excel. 


Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals – I’ve been enamored with Harper since his debut.  And with ‘my team’ in the same division, I have already seen a large sample size of his talents.  This guy can do it all – and I love the way that he hustles.  If Bryce commits to learning how to become an elite base runner, I firmly believe that he will become the best player in the game.  He has all of the tools to put a team on his back, and with his style of play on the field, his teammates will soon be looking to this 20-year old for leadership as well.

Bryce Harper

There you go – Stanton & Harper, Harper & Stanton.  No matter how you slice it, this is going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to starting the process of building collections of both of these guys.

Let the collecting begin!!!