Happy Birthday Terry Pendleton!!!

Happy Birthday Terry Pendleton!!!

Terry Pendleton turns 53 years old today.

Pendleton was the National League’s MVP during the 1991 season. And he was also the runner-up for the award in 1992 as well. Raising his game to new heights during those 2 seasons, Pendleton hit .319 and .311 respectively. In those 2 campaigns, he collected 386 hits, including 73 doubles, 9 triples, and 43 home runs. He was also a scoring machine as he scored 192 times while also stealing 12 bases.

Pendleton played in 5 World Series match-ups for the Cardinals and Braves. His teams lost all 5 series’.

Happy Birthday Mr. Pendleton!!!

4 responses to “Happy Birthday Terry Pendleton!!!

  1. Pendleton’s teams were really close to winning in 85, 87 & 91. Terry’s career got a second wind when he joined the Braves for the 1991 season. He was a pretty 3rd base mentor for Chipper.

  2. *pretty good.

  3. Cardinals dealt him because Todd Zeile was a hot top prospect. As much as I did like Zeile, I hated the idea of letting go of TP. He went onto win the 91 NL MVP and a batting title that year or in 95. Not sure. He was a heck of a third baseman and w/ Ozzie at SS no body dared hit the ball to the left side of the field!
    I hope Pendleton comes through and signs my bat & ball next week!

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