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Eddie Murray 2001 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ = SWEET!!!

Eddie Murray 2001 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ = SWEET!!!

I tell you what, this 2001 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ set is really starting to make an impression on me.

Sure, not all cards from this set can be perfect, but I hardly ever find one from it that I don’t like at some level.

This is the Eddie Murray card from the set:


And it is S-W-E-E-T!!!

The colors are perfect.  I love the shadow placed behind Murray giving the card a nice 3-D effect.  And I really like the crisp White and Blue colors of card’s graphic design.

You may not be able to see it to well in the scan, but the title of ‘Greats Of The Game’ runs across the White area under the Blue frame.  I will say that if made a little darker, it would stand out just a bit better.


1984 Topps – 1983 Home Run Leaders Starring Mike Schmidt & Jim Rice

1984 Topps – 1983 Home Run Leaders Starring Mike Schmidt & Jim Rice

Here, Here, for the League Leader baseball card!!

This little 3″ X 2″ pieces of cardboard encapsulate baseball history and preserve it for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

This card comes from the 1984 Topps baseball card set and honors the Home Run leaders from the 1983 baseball season.

Have a look:


In 1983, the ‘Home Run King’ was Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies.  He paced all of major league baseball with his 40 home runs.  Not too far behind him was Jim Rice of the Boston Red Sox who led the American League with 39 round-trippers.

This card makes its way into the Mike Schmidt player collection that I am piecing together.   I’ll have to grab another one, in time, for the Jim Rice set of cards that I recently started building.

1974 Headline – “Welcome To The 3,000 K’s Club, Mr. Gibson”

1974 Headline – “Welcome To The 3,000 K’s Club, Mr. Gibson”

On this day in 1974, Bob Gibson of the St. Louis Cardinals became just the second pitcher in major league history to record 3,000 strikeouts in his career.

Joining Walter Johnson, Gibson reached this milestone 51 years after Johnson was the first pitcher to claim 3,000.

Gibson’s 3,000th victim was Cesar Geronimo of the Cincinnati Reds.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Mr. Gibson!!!

1941 Headline: DiMaggio’s Streak Ends At 56 Games!!!

1941 Headline: DiMaggio’s Streak Ends At 56 Games!!!

On this day in 1941, Joe DiMaggio’s incredible streak of collecting at least 1 hit in 56 consecutive games came to an end.

The last twenty-five years have seen some of baseball’s most historic records fall. From Pete Rose eclipsing Ty Cobb to Mark McGwire topping Roger Maris to Cal Ripken passing Lou Gehrig to Barry Bonds out-blasting Hank Aaron.

And to this day, more than 68 years later, nobody has really come close to threatening Joe DiMaggio and his incredible streak of collecting at least one hit in 56 straight games!

Happy Anniversary Mr. DiMaggio!!!

And The Winner Of The ‘Predict The All-Star Game MVP’ Contest Is…

And The Winner Of The ‘Predict The All-Star Game MVP’ Contest Is…

Q, aka Quentin!!!

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera and the American League on their 3-0 win in the All-Star Game.

And congratulations to reader ‘Q’ on his win for picking Rivera as the MVP of the game.

Here is one more look at the prize:

ASG MVP Contest

Thanks to all that played and the next contest at ’30-YOC’ is right around the corner.  Stay tuned!!!

Million Dollar Question – ‘What Is Your Mt. Rushmore Of Baseball Signatures’

Million Dollar Question – ‘What Is Your Mt. Rushmore Of Baseball Signatures’

This week’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ is based on my recent acquisitions of some new Andre Dawson autographs.  Those new additions to my collection are a signed Montreal Expos jersey and another signed ball for my collection.

Here are some pics:



I got some great feedback about the new items for my collection, and as always, a few comments were made about Dawson’s stunning signature.  Dawson’s autograph is often regarded as one of the best in baseball – offering a clear and clean script with just enough flash to be nice but not gawdy.

Easily my favorite signature in baseball, I thought it would be fun to build a Mt. Rushmore of ‘The Best Autographs In Baseball’.

So, without further ado, here is mine:

Mushmore BALLS

Some great looking autographs right there, huh??

What’s nice about all of them is that they can be very easily read and identified.

But, just in case you are questioning any of them, the players I chose with the best signatures in the sport are: Andre Dawson, Steve Carlton, Johnny Bench, and Ozzie Smith.

There were a couple of guys that were on the cusp of getting etched into the mountain – guys like Reggie Jackson, Dale Murphy, and Nolan Ryan were very close.  And then there were some guys that could not hold a stick of dynamite to the mountain – Ryne Sandberg and Greg Maddux– these guys offer horrible signatures and if you were to find a signed ball by one of them odds are good that you would not know it was signed by them unless you were a collector of said player.

And now it is your turn to create your Mt. Rushmore.  Give me your favorite four autographs in baseball!!!

I cannot wait to read your responses!!!