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My 2013 Topps Tribute ‘Fergie Jenkins Rainbow’ Is Complete!!!

My 2013 Topps Tribute ‘Fergie Jenkins Rainbow’ Is Complete!!!

Well, well, well, look at who was able to grab enough cards to complete a rainbow of colored, parallel baseball cards!!!!

While never my goal or focus, I do try to grab as many cards from new releases that feature the players I collect the most – that list includes Andre Dawson, Jim Palmer, and Fergie Jenkins.

When the 2013 Topps Tribute set was released, I was happy to find Fergie’s name on the checklist.  And I knew I would get a few of the cards from that release for my PC.

I just never knew that I would get five!!  Yes, FIVE!!!

Here they are:


What you are seeing are the Gold, Orange, Green, Blue, and Base cards from the set – and they are all nice to look at!

But, since this is a ‘Rainbow-Themed’ post, I decided to try to line them up in a rainbow format.

So, now for your viewing pleasure, I present to you my 5-card 2013 Topps Tribute Rainbow featuring Ferguson Arthur Jenkins:



2013 Bowman Miami Marlins Team Set – Finally!!!

2013 Bowman Miami Marlins Team Set – Finally!!!

Well, it took me quite a bit longer to put together this 4-card set than what I had expected and wanted.

The journey started out in June of 2013 right after the set was released.  I was able to grab the Giancarlo Stanton card at a card show giving me the first card in the set.

From there, I had two more cards added to the team set due to the generosity of one of my blogging pals, Ryan of Ryan’s pitch.  The two cards he donated got me to the 75% mark.  Ryan, thanks again for the generosity!!!

And now, finally, I have landed card #4 of the set – the Rob Brantly rookie card!!!  I could have obtained this card on Ebay or another card-selling site, but I was just not ready to fork over $2-$3 in shipping fees to pay for what could only be seen as a ‘common card’.   So, I waited and waited.  But each and every time a trade opportunity came my way, I inquired about this card.  And after multiple failures, I finally landed my Rob Brantly rookie card from the 2013 Bowman set!!  It took a trade with ’30-YOC’ reader Jeremy, and a healthy stack of 2013 Phillies Archives and Series 2 cards, to pull it off, but my 2013 Bowman Miami Marlins team set is finally complete!!!

Have a look at the full set:

2013 Bowman

Special thanks go out to Ryan and Jeremy for helping me knock this one out!!!

Thanks Guys!!!

Ozzie Smith 2013 Topps Archives – 1982 Topps Design

Ozzie Smith 2013 Topps Archives – 1982 Topps Design

This card of Ozzie Smith from the 2013 Topps Archives set could be my favorite one in the entire base set.

Check it out:


The card features Ozzie in his St. Louis Cardinals uniform and it is very easy to identify that Ozzie and the Cardinals were taking on the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field due to the background of the shot.

For more modern collectors that may now know, Ozzie’s most sought-after baseball card is his 1982 Topps Traded baseball card.  That card is the first one that showed Ozzie sporting his new Cardinals uniform after spending the first four seasons of his career with the Padres.

Go ask any longtime Cardinals collector and my guess is that more than half of them state that the 1982 Topps Traded card of Ozzie is their favorite Cardinals card from the 1980’s.

I’m very happy to see Topps honor that card in this way.  Whether by accident or a planned strategy, this card takes me right back to my youth!!

Thank you, Topps!!!

Vince Coleman 1989 Score ‘ScoreMasters’

Vince Coleman 1989 Score ‘ScoreMasters’

The ‘ScoreMasters’ cards that accompanied the 1989 Score baseball card set was such a nice change from the Donruss Diamond Kings brand that I immediately fell in love with them when released in 1989.

The set featured painted cards with action images versus the standard posed head-shots that the Diamond Kings set brought us every year.

As a kid collecting cards at a rabid pace in 1989, these cards were one of my favorite subsets to go after.  I think that when it was all said and done, I had 4-5 complete sets of these on top of extras for my PC’s.

This is the card of Vince Coleman from the set: 


Ah, the memories!!!


Hall Of Fame Debate: Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez VS Mike Piazza

Hall Of Fame Debate: Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez VS Mike Piazza

This week’s ‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ is going to start a series of Player VS Player comparisons.

Ultimately, many if not all of the players being discussed and debated about are either presently in the Hall of Fame or more than likely they are soon to be elected.

So, with these head-to-head matchups, I think I am just asking you to rank them, 1 and 2, to see if and how we judge a player and their career achievements.

Sound like fun?  It does to me – so, let’s do this!!!

For this match-up, I am pitting Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez against fellow catcher, Mike Piazza.

Personally, I have always liked Pudge and I have never cared for Piazza.  But, I am capable of taking the emotions out of it and strictly base my debate on their merits.

So, now It’s Go Time – Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez VS Mike Piazza

Pudge Piazza

Here is a look at their career numbers:

  Rodriguez Piazza
Seasons 21 16
Games Played 2,543 1,912
Games at Catcher 2,427 1,630
Hits 2,844 2,127
Average 0 0
150-199 hit seasons 7 7
200+ hit seasons 0 1
Runs scored 1,354 1,048
Doubles 572 344
Home Runs 311 427
30-39 HR Seasons 1 7
40+ HR Seasons 0 2
RBI 1,332 1,335
100-RBI Seasons 1 6
30/100 Seasons 1 6
All-Star 14 12
Silver Slugger 7 10
Gold Glove 13 0
Postseason 5 5
WS Titles 1 0


Two very solid and extremely productive players – and quite possibly two of the ten best catchers in the history of the sport.

Pudge Rodriguez compiled a ton of hits during his major league career and he was a threat to join the 3,o00 hits club for a long time.  Mike Piazza was an extremely consistent provider of runs for the duration of his career.  Both men offer multiple tools that you would seek in a catcher – both on offense and defense.  Pudge was clearly the better defender, and Piazza was the supreme run-creating engine.

A few stand-out points for me:
* Piazza had 4 more seasons that were extremely close to the 30/100 marker
* Pudge’s streak of 13 Gold Glove Awards in 16 seasons is unreal
* Piazza has a career .377 on-base percentage
* Had Pudge played more DH instead of catcher during his prime, he could easily amassed 20-25 more hits a seasons and truly come closer to 3,000

So, now the fun begins – who had a better career?  Which catcher would you choose for your team for a 15-season stretch?

For me, it always comes down to how many ways in which a player can help a team.  While Mike Piazza can help deliver wins with his mighty offensive skills and knack for driving in runs, he is not going to provide the anchor at catcher on defense that you may seek.  Pudge on the other hand will surely provide the leadership needed at catcher to both manage the pitching staff and lead the team’s defense – yet he is not going to scare the opposition with his ability to end the game on a single swing the same manner that Mike Piazza would.

And now my answer.  And it was pretty easy for me to come to…

I’m going with Rodriguez.  For me, the defense he offers is something that cannot be overlooked.  Managing the pitching staff, setting the defense, and controlling the base paths are skills that if mastered can make a player elite at their position from a defensive standpoint – and Pudge did all of this exceptionally well.  Offensively he may not have been the threat that Piazza was, but he was no slouch either.  A skilled hitter with the ability to put the ball in play, Pudge was agood source of offensive support and a solid complementary piece.

So, who you got????