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Jim Palmer 2008 Donruss Threads Diamond Kings

Jim Palmer 2008 Donruss Threads Diamond Kings

Man, oh man…

This one is a bit rough.  As you know, I am really not the biggest Donruss Diamond Kings fan on the planet.  And while I do think that the art on this one is much better than what I am used to seeing from the 1980’s, I just cannot get past the ‘no-name’ jerseyand cap that Palmer is sporting in this shot.

Have a look:

palmer DK

Now, if I was Donruss and I did not have an MLB license, I would not make that the focal point of my set.  Zoom in the shot to only show the upper portion of the jersey.  And then maybe shift the shot to the side a bit so you are only showing 1/2 or 2/3 of the cap and not the full missing-logo version we got here…


Carlton Fisk 1982 Fleer – Mehhh….

Carlton Fisk 1982 Fleer

Normally, I like these out of the ordinary baseball shots; as long as they still scream baseball.

But, in this card from the 1982 Fleer baseball card set, it does not look like Mr. Fisk is all that happy.  As a matter of fact, he appears to either be just a tad disgusted or a tad bored…

You be the judge!!!



Did You Know…

In 1967, Orlando Cepeda became the first unanimous MVP Award winner in the National League since 1936.  Cepeda captured all of the 28 1st Place votes!!


Happy Birthday Charles Johnson!!!

Happy Birthday Charles Johnson!!!

Charles Johnson turns 42 years old today.

Charles Johnson means a lot to Florida Marlins fans, and the people of Miami.

Johnson is a local product, having played his college baseball at the University of Miami. He was drafted by the Marlins during the first round of the 1992 draft. And a few years later, he was the starting catcher for the team – his team.

Johnson played in the big leagues for 12 seasons; 7 of which were in Miami. He helped lead the team to the 1997 World Series with his stellar defense. In total, Johnson collected four Gold Glove Awards for his defensive excellence at catcher.

Johnson is a 2-time All-Star and collected 940 hits during his career including 211 doubles and 167 home runs.

Happy Birthday CJ!!!



This week has been full of announcements about the future player collections that I will be working on.

First, I announced that I will be adding two current players to my PC-Roster: Giancarlo Stanton & Bryce Harper

From there, I announced that I would be building modern-card collections that honor the incredible baseball careers of Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson, and Roberto Clemente.

And now, I am ready to wrap up week of announcements by announcing that I am going to start building a new ‘Super Collection’ as well.  One that hopefully in time will mimic what I have been able to do with both my Fergie Jenkins and Jim Palmer collections.

In order to do this, I wanted to go after another player that represents the sport to me in a way that it should be represented.  The enjoyment that I get from learning more and more about this player as the years go by continues to escalate, and I find him to be an incredible ambassador for the sport.

As it relates to collecting this new player, I have already completed a set of major brand baseball cards from his playing days, a pre-requisite for any player that is joining the ranks of ‘Super Collection’ at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

This player is a former league MVP (2-time actually)….

He is a World Series Champion (2-time actually)….

And, he is an elite Hall of Famer…

He is Joe Leonard Morgan!!!!


And I cannot wait to get started!!

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I have already completed a major-brand set of cards that includes all of the cards issued during Morgan’s playing days.  Still, there are a ton of subset, insert, and oddball cards from that time that I can go after.  And the modern stuff is unreal – and I want it all!!!

Last night I finished updating my ‘Official Joe Morgan’ checklist to include all of the modern cards of him that I currently own. I am happy with the collection so far, but this thing will really take off now that I am dedicating some of my collecting focus on building a set of cards to really honor his amazing baseball career.

Stay tuned to ’30-YOC’.  You will surely enjoy, and possibly learn, more about the man who I consider to be the spark plug of ‘The Big Red Machine’ and the greatest second baseman in baseball’s grand history!!!

Thanks for reading!!