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Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #13 – 1980 Topps Design

Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #13 – 1980 Topps Design

One of my 2013 collecting goals was to complete the 1999 Topps Nolan Ryan Commemorative baseball card set. The set features a re-print of each of Ryan’s base cards issued by Topps from his rookie season to his final season.

This is the 13th card in the set, a re-print of Ryan’s 1980 Topps baseball card:


The 1980 baseball season found Nolan Ryan in a new baseball home – Houston, Texas.  It also found him as one of the wealthiest players in the sport after signing a six-year deal with the club in the offseason.

Ryan fared rather well in his debut season with the Astros – going 11-10 in 35 starts while throwing 4 complete games and 2 shutouts.  In 232 innings of work, he struck out 200 batters.

Derek Jeter 2013 Topps Series 2 ‘Record Chase: 3,500 Hits’

Derek Jeter 2013 Topps Series 2 ‘Record Chase: 3,500 Hits’

I’m always happy to find new cards of Derek Jeter in the packs that I rip.  This card comes from the 2013 Topps Series 2 release and is somewhat of a ‘bonus card’. 

The card comes with the title of ‘Record Chase’ and is actually a checklist for the Series 2 set.

Take a look:


The chase that Jeter is after is 3,500 career hits.  What once felt like a no-brainer now feels like an uncertainty.  I’d love to see Jeter reach that mark, and go beyond.  The issue is his health, and the healing process that a 39-year old ballplayer must go through to remain in top physical condition.

Currently resting in 11th place on the all-time list, if Jeter gets to 3,500 he would find himself in 6th on the career hits list!

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Wall Climbers’ Subset – Franklin Gutierrez

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Wall Climbers’ Subset – Franklin Gutierrez

The 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Wall Climbers’ set is a piece of art. The cards feature stunning graphics with images that capture some of baseball’s greatest action – the art of leaping into the air and bringing back would be home run balls.

The set offers just 10 cards, but each one is an amazing look at one of baseball’s great highlights.

This is the card of Franklin Gutierrez from the set:


Entering the 2013 baseball season, Franklin Gutierrez has officially been recognized for his defensive abilities by winning the Gold Glove Award in 2010.  During that campaign, Gutierrez had a fielding percentage of 1.00.  In 146 games, Gutierrez had 413 chances to make a play in the outfield and he completed them not – while not committing a single error.

George Brett 1985 Topps All-Star

George Brett 1985 Topps All-Star

By the time the 1985 baseball season rolled around, George Brett was a seasoned veteran with 12 seasons of major league baseball behind him.

He was selected to his 10th consecutive All-Star Game in 1985.

And his numbers certainly justified his selection to the team.

His 1985 numbers: 184 hits in 155 games.  .335 batting average, .436 on-base percentage, .585 slugging percentage, 38 doubles, 30 home runs, 108 runs scored, 112 RBI, and just 49 strikeouts in 665 plate appearances.


Andre Dawson 2013 Topps Rookie Of The Year Commemorative Card – SWEET!!!

Andre Dawson 2013 Topps Rookie Of The Year Commemorative Card – SWEET!!!

Talk about showing off the maximum amount of patience as it comes to the buying of a baseball card.

This one was all about restraint.  As soon as I saw the card hit the secondary market, my collecting instincts kicked in and I wanted to leap at it!!

But, cooler heads prevailed and I withheld making any bids to get a better understanding of what kind of money a card like this would cost me by letting a few pass me by so I could track their selling prices.

And let me tell you, this strategy worked for me – worked very well!!  By the time that I paid for mine, I saved 60% versus what this card was selling for during the first week it was released by Topps.  My purchase price of $4.95 plus another $2.00 for shipping was comfortable for me, and it allowed me to shift the other $6-$7 that others paid for the same card to another collecting goal.

Here is the card:


It is a beauty!!!