The Most Unique And Rare Signed Fergie Jenkins Baseball For My Collection!!!

The Most Unique And Rare Signed Fergie Jenkins Baseball For My Collection!!!

When I tell you that I have been seeking this specific item for my Fergie Jenkins collection for more than three years, I am not exaggerating.  And when I tell you that I have never been close to obtaining it, I am stating the truth.

And I have put in my fair share of work in my efforts.

First, let me show you the ball:

fergie cy young logo ball 1

The ball is a Rawlings commemorative ball that celebrates the Cy Young Award.  Instead of the normal Major League Baseball stamping, this ball has a message of ‘Presented Annually For Pitching Excellence Honoring Cy Young’. 

These balls are no longer produced by Rawlings.  I have made dozens of calls over the years to try to get myself a brand new one for my collection.  I’ve called Rawlings.  I’ve called all of the noted sports memorabilia companies.  I’ve called the Hall of Fame.  I’ve even called the Fergie Jenkins Foundation as well.

And all of my efforts led me back to square with – with no leads…

In my time of focusing my energy on collecting all things ‘Fergie Jenkins’, I have seen two of these baseballs sold on Ebay.  Both were listed for extremely high dollar amounts, and both sold rather quickly for the exact amounts that the sellers were seeking.

And then a third ball appeared.

And I had to have it!!!

So, I nailed it!!!

fergie cy young logo ball 2

I have finally landed this exclusive ball, and it comes with the exact inscription that I would want with such a unique piece -= ‘NL CY 71’.

Between the rarity of the ball, the exclusive Cy Young stamping, the great autograph, and the perfect inscription – this is by far, the most unique and special autograph in my Fergie Jenkins collection.

A supreme addition to ‘Ultimate Jenkins’!!!!

6 responses to “The Most Unique And Rare Signed Fergie Jenkins Baseball For My Collection!!!

  1. That’s awesome!!!! Do you know what year Rawlings stopped making that ball?

  2. That’s really cool! my Fergie story occurred when I stepped into an antique shop and saw an autographed ball for 80 bucks. I didn’t have the cash at the time and the ball wasn’t there when I went back. It wasn’t like your ball though. Wow, what a find!

    • Cub Den- From everything that I have been able to gather, these balls were made for a few years by Rawlings but for some reason they were dropped out of their production sometime around 2004. I won’t say ‘Rare’ just yet, but I will say ‘Hard to come by’.

  3. Never seen these before. Awesome!

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