Happy Birthday Barry Bonds!!!

Happy Birthday Barry Bonds!!!

Barry Bonds turns 49 years old today.

Where, oh where has Barry Bonds been? I can honestly say that I am not very pleased with how Bonds left the game. I kind of feel unfulfilled with his exit from the sport.

We are all entitled to our opinions, and I know that we all have them when it comes to Bonds. But, of all of the guys that have exited the game during the course of the last few years and are headed to Cooperstown, we saw sharp declines in their output – except for Barry’s. We saw it from Frank Thomas and Ken Griffey Jr. and John Smoltz and Randy Johnson and even my beloved Greg Maddux.

But Bonds is the guy that I feel like he could have given us more to watch. 3,000 hits was very close. As was 800 home runs. I would have liked to have seen him reach both milestones prior to his retirement from the game.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bonds – you are missed by this fan!!!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Barry Bonds!!!

  1. There was a reason Bonds output didn’t decline like other players. Bonds will never be enshrined in the HOF.

    This is from a great fan of Bonds before he made the choice to do the PED’s.


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