1985 Fleer ‘Schmidt-In-Action’

1985 Fleer ‘Schmidt-In-Action’

I tell you what, I used to love these ‘In Action’ cards as a kid.

And to be honest, I think that they hold up very well some thirty years later too!!!

This card features Hall of Famer, Michael Jack Schmidt, and it comes from the 1985 Fleer baseball card set.

Have a look:

I think that why I like these so much is that you get the complete story – all in one card.  And while I no very little about the art of photography, I have to imagine that the advances technology of today would make for some pretty neat modern versions of this kind of imagery.

Are you listening, Topps??

3 responses to “1985 Fleer ‘Schmidt-In-Action’

  1. I really love these kind of cards. Topps used to make this style but has stopped in recent years. Great Idea for something to bring back for their yearly archives set.

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