This T-Shirt No Longer Deserves To Be Hanging In My Closet…

This T-Shirt No Longer Deserves To Be Hanging In My Closet…

In the wake of all of the madness that has surrounded Ryan Braun’s major league baseball suspension due to his positive test results for PED-use, I have tried to remain calm.

My love for the sport extends well beyond any liking I may have for any individual player not named Andre Dawson.

And now, some 48 hours after the announcement of Ryan Braun’s suspension, my blood is starting to boil.

I am not as irked about the PED usage as I am about the press conference that Bruan held in which he tore into the urine sample collecting process and how it was not properly obtained and processed.  The urine was not tainted or compromised, but Bruan’s morals were.

This was all a joke.  Had he come clean then, my opinion would be different today.  But, since he did not – he pointed the finger instead of looking in the mirror – and to me, that is the most harmful part of this.  His inability to be accountable for his actions combined with his portrayal of himself as the victim makes me sick.

For the last half-decade, I have been a Ryan Braun fan.  I learned about him while he played college baseball in Miami.  With great pride, I drafted him in several fantasy baseball leagues.   I collected his baseball cards.  Hell, I made it a point to go see the Brewers play when they came to play the Marlins on two different occasions just to see #8.

Worst of all, I put his name on my back by wearing his player t-shirt.

But today, I am pulling his shirt from my closet.  He does not deserve to be hanging in the same company as Ozzie Smith, Cal Ripken, Roberto Clemente, Dale Murphy, Andre Dawson, and many others.

Braun T-Shirt

Now I just have to figure out what to do with this thing…

11 responses to “This T-Shirt No Longer Deserves To Be Hanging In My Closet…

  1. I don’t know about the shirt. But if you wanna rid yourself of his cards send them my way. I’ll dispose of them for you

  2. I have no time for Ryan Braun. He’s a disgrace to the game and I hope he gets banned for life. Cheater.

  3. Right on! So sick of the cheaters, and the way he attacked the people who took the sample that he knew was tainted is just sick. Donate the shirt to a local salvation army or good will. Although it symbolizes something bad, for someone it is sure to just end up as a functional piece of clothing.

    • Zebulon- I actually dislike the lying and among a lot more than the actual cheating. Is that odd?

      • Agreed. The way he was willing to attack some lab worker who probably makes 1/500th what he makes just to back up his lie was despicable. We have to look on the bright side though. He was caught, not even his high paid lawyers could get him out of it in the end. The sport is cleaner because of it.

      • Zebulon- And, he now has to live with the guilt. If that is something that makes him feel guilty…

  4. Burn the shirt!

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