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Reggie Jackson 2013 Topps – ‘Chasing History’

Reggie Jackson 2013 Topps – ‘Chasing History’

While not a huge fan of the ‘Chasing History’ theme, I will admit that the cards are extremely appealing to look at.

They feature large, action images and great graphics!

But, when you hear the word ‘Chasing’ you think current.  And many of the cards featured in this large subset have been accomplished and topped decades ago.

Maybe a name change would help the set!?!?  Something more like ‘History Conquered’ as it would then allow Topps the ability to tell the story and have the theme match it.

Still, the Reggie Jackson card from this set is a beauty!!!

Have a look: 


Now I need to find the Gold version!!!

Vince Coleman 1987 Fleer – Fair, But Could Be A Lot Better…

Vince Coleman 1987 Fleer

For me, when you take an essential part of the game out of an image on a card, you take with it an essential piece.

And is there any more essential piece than a baseball bat??  Probably not.

So, while the photo used in Vince Coleman’s 1987 Fleer baseball card features a great, action image it is missing the entire bat that Coleman is holding.

Take a peek:


For me, the card is incomplete.  And the story is incomplete too…

Sorry, Vince.

1983 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson Captures Stolen Base #200 Of His Career

1983 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson Captures Stolen Base #200 Of His Career

On this day in 1983, Andre Dawson stole the 200th base of his career.

The achievement came during the 98th game of the baseball season for the Montreal Expos as they faced the Reds in Cincinnati.

The steal came in the top of the 7th inning and came against the great defensive catcher of the Reds, Hall of Famer Johnny Bench.

On the day, Dawson was 1-for-4 with a home run, 2 RBI, a run scored, and the 200th stolen base of his career.

Happy Anniversary Andre!!!!

Dawson stealing base


Happy Birthday Alex Rodriguez!!!

Happy Birthday Alex Rodriguez!!!

I cannot believe it, but Alex Rodriguez is turning just 38 years old today.

At the age of 38, A-Rod has already amassed 647 home runs, 2,901 hits, and 1,950+ RBI. He should have no problem reaching baseball immortality by eclipsing the 6600 home run mark, 3,000 hits plateau, and the 2,000 RBI milestones.

Happy Birthday A-Rod. I wish you years more of baseball excellence and perfect health!! Go Get ‘Em!!!

Just please, stay classy as you top some of these historical and elite baseball milestones.

2001 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins Team Set

2001 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins Team Set

Since its inauguration, I have always liked the Fleer Ultra brand of baseball cards.

While I have never read it, I imagine that the Ultra design was created to battle Upper Deck and their supreme photography and ultra-glossy cardstock.

And you know what, they succeeded.  The Ultra brand looks fantastic, and I have always thought that I was looking at and handling miniature pictures.

Here is the 2001 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins team set:


Among the cards, my favorite is the Preston Wilson card – what a great image to feature on a baseball card!!!