Harmon Killebrew 1975 Topps Baseball Card

Harmon Killebrew 1975 Topps Baseball Card

I had no intention of nabbing this card, but while trying to find a few missing cards for my Rollie Fingers and Mike Schmidt collections, I fell upon it for what I thought was a great price.

I paid just $3.00 for this bad-boy, and I have to say that I think I got the better end of that deal!!

The card comes from the 1975 Topps baseball card set, and while I would prefer the card to feature an image of Killebrew taking a mean hack at the plate, it is very hard to not like the image that Topps gave us instead.

Check it out:


Seriously – one of these days I am going to have to pull and organize and scan all of the cards that I have that feature players signing autographs.  And if I found out that a checklist of cards like this existed, I would help build it up and also go after the ones that I don’t already own!!!

6 responses to “Harmon Killebrew 1975 Topps Baseball Card

  1. This is appropriate for a Killebrew card. Many Twins players have stories of him having talks with them about keeping their autographs legible for the fans.

  2. Brian that would be a good idea. Ozzie Smith is pictured signing a card. I can’t think of the year, but I believe it’s a Topps card.

  3. Ron Churchwell

    Last regular issue card of my hometown hero. Here in Minnesota he was wel l known for not only his on the field accomplishments, but also for all the charity work he did in the community and for always being gracious to the fans.
    Since 1975 was also the first year i got non-new baseball cards in 1978, the colorful design remains one of my all-time favorite sets to collect. Congrats on a great pickup of a real American hero Brian!

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