Million Dollar Question – ‘Would You Welcome Back Multi-Image Baseball Cards’???

Million Dollar Question – ‘Would You Welcome Back Multi-Image Baseball Cards’???

This week’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ is inspired by a post that was published the other day on the blog.  The post featured a Mike Schmidt card from the 1985 Fleer baseball card set.  Tagged as Schmidt-In-Action’ the card features four images of Mike Schmidt that show the full story of his Hall Of Fame swing.

Here is that card:


And here are a few more ‘In Action’ cards that Fleer issued in the 1980’s as well:



Upper Deck also got into the game with this, and they certainly took it to the next level – offering 1 image that featured multiple exposures.

Here are a few:




Personally, I like these cards a lot.  And while the technology of the cards may be outdated by today’s standards, especially the Fleer look, I like the thought of seeing a player completing an action caught on film.

So, ‘Would You Welcome Back Multi-Image Baseball Cards’ in today’s collecting environment??

If so, what would you change and what would you keep the same?  What players would you like to see featured?  What sets would you like to see these cards included in?

For me, I would love to see these cards make a comeback in today’s issues.  And I think that a brand like Topps Archives or Topps Heritage is a great place to start!!!

Just imagine new cards of players like Andrew McCutchen, Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, Prince Fielder, and others that featured them doing thinks like crushing home runs, making diving defensive plays, and throwing 99-MPH fastballs!!  And if you were to put these cards into vintage designs and then add legends like Reggie Jackson, Bob Gibson, Johnny Bench, Brooks Robinson, and others into the same set, I think it would be an incredible way to show off how hard these guys played back then and still do today.

Who’s with me???

14 responses to “Million Dollar Question – ‘Would You Welcome Back Multi-Image Baseball Cards’???

  1. When I think of multi-image cards; my brain immediately thinks of Sportflics. I would love to see a horizontal card of Rickey stealing a baseball or Adam Jones making a diving catch. I’m sure the technology now would allow for a clearer moving images.

    The UD multi exposure cards were really nice and underused in my opinion.

    If Topps Archives were to issue in action cards it would be really cool if they offered it in a puzzle piece format on the back of some team sticker card or checklist. That way it could be really big & impressive and you could frame it.

  2. I’m for it. Great looking cards!

  3. If Topps (or Panini) want to experiment with bringing the Sportflics look to the modern age, I’m all for it. I’ll pass on postage-stamp size pictures and multi-exposures, though.

  4. I like the ones that you posted….

  5. I like the multi-image cards. I’m not a fan of the multiple exposure. As far as which sets to put it in, how about All-Star cards in a base set? You could have them doing what they are known for, like hitting home runs, stealing bases, making great catches, throwing out runners, or powering a fastball by the hitter.

  6. The Upperdeck approach yes, the Fleer no. I remember when Upperdeck came out and the Topps Stadium Club, the photography seemed so amazing and new age.
    I did like when Topps reintroduce the multi-rookie cards in the late 90s. However, looking back as a collector, it’s awesome when there is at least two-three stars/HOFs on one, but when a star/HOF’s rookie card was with three guys you never heard of, kind of disappointing.

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