Reggie Jackson 2013 Topps Stickers

Reggie Jackson 2013 Topps Stickers

I’ll be honest, my preference for baseball stickers is for the ones that filled Fleer wax packs in the 1980’s.  Heck, they were almost as much fun to get as the cards…

Topps has been issuing sticker sets for the last two years, and while I have grabbed the Marlins team sets from both releases, that is about it.  Maybe I would pay more attention to them if my kids showed interest in them, but that has yet to occur.

So, while I have no plans of buying a lot of the new stickers, I will say that some of them are pretty nice to look at.

Here is an example:



This is the Reggie Jackson sticker from the 2013 set.  The set features one legend from every major league team, and for the Oakland A’s, Topps chose Reggie Jackson!  And while they could have gone with Rollie Fingers, Rickey Henderson, or Dave Stewart, I think that chosing Jackson was the right choice!



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