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Vince Coleman 1990 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice St. Louis Cardinals Team Checklist

Vince Coleman 1990 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice St. Louis Cardinals Team Checklist

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – With no disrespect meant towards the artist, I would happily take the Upper Deck team checklist over the Donruss Diamond King any day of the week!!

Here is just another example of the sweet artwork that came out of the Upper Deck product:


This is the St. Louis Cardinals checklist from the 1990 Upper Deck set.  The front of the card gives us two great images of their lead-off hitter, Vince Coleman.  Both images are completely recognizable, and I like the background coloring and shading behind both the action and portraits.

Thanks Upper Deck!!

Did You Know…

The last player to represent the Washington Senators in the major league All-Star Game was Frank Howard.  Howard was selected to the National League squad in 1971.

Frank Howard

1982 HEADLINE: Rollie Fingers Captures Career Save #300

1982 HEADLINE: Rollie Fingers Captures Career Save #300

On this day in 1982, Rollie Fingers captured the 300th save of his major league baseball career.

Coming off of a Cy Young and MVP season in 1981, Fingers and the Brewers were riding high in 1982.  And as the team led their division heading into the last month of the season, several of the Brewers’ top players were performing at their peak – Fingers included.

On this night, in Seattle and in front of 20,000 fans, Fingers added another baseball milestone to his already impressive resume.  Save #300 came as he preserved the 3-2 victory over the Mariners.

Fingers’ stat line looked like this – 2 innings pitched, 3 hits allowed, 2 runs allowed, and 1 strikeout.  Not the most impressive stuff on this night, but a victory and a save nonetheless.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Rollie Fingers!!!

Happy Birthday Craig Counsell!!!

Happy Birthday Craig Counsell!!!

Amazingly, Craig Counsell celebrates his 43rd birthday today.

For all of us Florida Marlins fans, we celebrate Craig today and take a minute to remember and enjoy the memory of the game winning run that he scored in extra innings in Game 7 giving us our first World Series title in 1997.

That hit by Edgar Rentaria and run by Craig Counsell are undoubtedly the most important and meaningful moments in Marlins history!!!

Happy Birthday Craig!!!


Million Dollar Question – What Is Your Favorite Vintage Baseball Logo???

Million Dollar Question – What Is Your Favorite Vintage Baseball Logo???

I’m an old-school guy in all of my core baseball ideals – I like players that run hard, I like dirty uniforms, I like stirrups, and I like batting donuts.

I am also a very big fan of old baseball logos.  There were some great logos around when I was a kid and just getting into baseball.  And there are some spectacular logos from eras before that were well ahead of their time.

Of all of the logos that I have encountered, there is a handful that truly stand out to me.  And the periods of time that they span is a good 50+ years.

But, when it comes to my favorite logo, it is a no-brainer!!!

The Cincinnati Reds logo from 1954-1960 is far away my favorite.  I love the look, I love the color scheme, I love the history.

reds logo

What about you?  What is your favorite baseball logo of all-time?  Do you have one that stands out as strongly for you as this one does for me?

I want to know!!!!  And if you can share a picture of it, please do!!