‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ – Gary Carter VS Jorge Posada

‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ – Gary Carter VS Jorge Posada

For this week’s head-to-head battle, I wanted to match up two of the best catchers in the game over the last 30 years.  So, why not find two guys that were employed pretty close to each other as well?

This week’s match-up is Gary Carter VS Jorge Posada!!!

Both men were fan favorites in New York , though Carter was also beloved in Montreal as a result of playing there for 10 seasons.

And there numbers are pretty comparable.

Have a look:

Gary Carter Jorge Posada
Seaons 19 17
Games Played 2296 1829
Games Caught 2056 1574
% Of Games Caught 0.89547038 0.860579552
Hits 2092 1664
Batting Average 0.262 0.273
On-Base % 0.335 0.374
Doubles 371 379
Home Runs 324 275
Runs Scored 1025 900
RBI 1225 1065
All-Star 11 5
Silver Slugger 5 5
Gold Glove 3 0
MVP 0 0
Postseasons 3 15
World Series 1 4


Here are the things that standout most for me:

  • Posada’s number of postseason appearances – 15 in 17 seasons
  • Carter’s hit tally is close to 400 more than Posada’s
  • Home run edge goes to Carter (bit of a surprise)
  • Doubles are extremely close
  • Posada has a good lead in the batting average battle
  • Carter was more productive from a run scoring and run producing standpoint
  • Posada’s 4 WS titles is impressive

Well, I have to say that when I first chose these two players to put against one another, I thought that the numbers would have been a lot closer.

But to be blunt, Gary Carter is a more accomplished player.  His tally of hits, home runs, runs scored, and RBI is well above Posada’s.  And his selection to 11 All-Star Games and Gold Glove Awards puts him on another level as well.

The lone area in which Posada eclipses Carter is in the postseason.  And while that is a team accomplishment, being a starter on a team with so much success has to mean something.  And for me, it means quite a bit!!

But, is it enough to put him with an overall higher ranking than Gary Carter??

For me, ‘No’.  Carter was too consistent and his numbers are a step below elite for catchers.  Posada is a step or two behind Carter on all major offensive statistics except for batting average and on-base percentage.  But that is not enough for me to give him the nod over Carter.  And while I am extremely impressed with the consistency at which Posada and the Yankees appeared in the postseason, it could also be said that Posada happened to be in the right place at the right time.

So, what do you think?  Who do you take in the match-up of Gary Carter VS Jorge Posada???



12 responses to “‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ – Gary Carter VS Jorge Posada

  1. I’m definitely on the Carter side on this one. He was an amazing catcher and a class act. Posada was good, well above average, but he was surrounded by some of the best teams of all time. Not to take anything away from him, but Carter achieved a lot playing for some pretty below average Montreal teams. RIP Gary.

  2. I’ve pondered Posada and the HOF myself. Posada is very close. Depending on how future catcher’s evolve and enough time to look back at Posada’s place in the big picture, he could be deserving. At this time I would say no.


  3. I like Carter a lot, but after looking into the numbers I think I’d take Posada. Jorge has a better career BA, OBP, SLG and OPS than Gary. If you’re comparing an average year (162 Games) between the two Posada is going to score more Runs, hit more doubles & Home Runs and have more RBI. Posada didn’t get much playing time his first three years playing behind Mike Stanley & Joe Girardi and if he had gotten more playing during those years his Hits and Home Run numbers would be a lot higher as well as getting another WS Ring.

  4. I would have to say the edge goes to Carter. Postseasons are great but statistical totals speak for themselves on the production end of it all. Both Stellar catchers in their era. Jorge is my eyes is not Hall of Fame worthy if you compare him to other catchers in the HALL! It was a no doubter when Carter came up for election.

  5. I have to say I’m surprised that Posada’s OBP% was that high. Normally I would expect that from someone with speed or a feared slugger. Speaks volume of the batting eye he had considering how slow he was running to first and the great talent he had batting in front of him throughout his career.
    With that said, I still got to go with Carter. Carter was depended upon to drive in runs. I’m sure the Yankees would disagree now looking at their current catcher situation, but I think Posada’s employment expectations were more based on handling the pitching staff and being a vocal clubhouse leader than providing an offensive punch. I don’t think when the manager made out the line-up card; he thought Posada is the guy that will be our offensive hero today.
    Carter had some great offensive players around him in Montreal and New York too, but I think it was expected of him to catch a great game and knock runners in.

  6. Carter without hesitation, and it has nothing to do with his last name 🙂

    I was astonished when Carter did not get the Hall of Fame support when he first appeared on the ballot, but thankfully the voters came around and put him in Cooperstown where he belongs.

    I would not vote for Posada if I had the opportunity. I do not believe his numbers measure up to the all-time greats.

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