Cal Ripken Jr & ‘The 3000 Hits Club’

Cal Ripken Jr & ‘The 3000 Hits Club’

On April 15, 2000, Cal Ripken joined another elite class.  This time, it was the ‘3,000 Hit Club’.

On the road in Minnesota, Ripken collected #3,000 by tallying 3 hits on the night.  He became just the 24th member of the club, and put himself into another elite category that is solely reserved for the game’s greatest and most durable players.

By the end of his career, Cal Ripken had 3,184 total hits.  He currently sits in 14th place on the All-time list.

2 responses to “Cal Ripken Jr & ‘The 3000 Hits Club’

  1. Nice work today with Mr. Ripken. One of the finest ever to play the game.


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