Jay Bruce Wins ‘MVP For A Day’!!!

Jay Bruce Wins ‘MVP For A Day’!!!

Another contest is in the books. And another winner has been crowned.

Jay Bruce has won the ’30-YOC’ contest ‘MVP For A Day’.

And that means that Mick Fordman has captured the top prize in this edition of ‘MVP For A Day’.

Here is one more look at the prize:


And here is the full results of the contest:

Player Pick Points
Fordman (Mick) Jay Bruce 58
commishbob Chris Davis 33
Irondequoit36 Edwin Encarnacion 33
Fuji Kurt Suzuki 25
Matt D Andrew McCutchen 23
Stealing Home Andre Ethier 18
Q Mike Trout 13
**30-YOC Giancarlo Stanton 13
Wrigley Regular Joey Votto 5
AG Buster Posey 5
Deano Jarrod Saltalamachia 5
Brian C Paul Goldschmidt 0
mgrlvr Miguel Cabrera 0
Gerad Yadier Molina 0
Charley8 Adrian Gonzalez 0
Ron C Brian Dozier 0
Matt Wilson Matt Holliday 0
Rob Nate McClouth 0
Nick Yasiel Puig -2
jaredwillden David Ortiz -5
Victor Pedro Alvarez -5
John H Austin Jackson -10

Thanks again to all that played.

I believe that I will have one more contest/giveaway before the season ends so please stay tuned for that!!!

9 responses to “Jay Bruce Wins ‘MVP For A Day’!!!

  1. Wooohoooo! I knew my guy would do it!

  2. Congrats Fordman. Kurt Suzuki took fourth? I’ll take that any day of the week.

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  4. Congratulations to Fordman. Cabrera took the night off!
    Brian, thanks for doing this. It’s been fun hanging around this blog and thanks for making it interesting.

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