Happy Birthday Ted Williams!!

Happy Birthday Ted Williams!!

Today is Ted Williams’ birthday.

Arguably the greatest hitter of all-time, any player that collects multiple batting titles or maintains an average close to .350 for a lengthy time is compared to Williams.

Williams is the standard for hitting greatness – yet nobody has come close to eclipsing what he has done in the sport of baseball.  A lifetime, .344 hitter, Williams captured six batting titles during his playing days, and amazing had seven seasons in which he finished with a .350 batting average or better.

Williams was a 17-time All-Star, and a 2-time MVP winner for the Boston Red Sox.

And while he did not make a splash during World Series play, Ted Williams was the rare kind of player that was able to take center-stage while not playing on it.

Happy Birthday to ‘The Splendid Splinter’!!

16 responses to “Happy Birthday Ted Williams!!

  1. If there is or was a better hitter in the modern era I have no idea who it is or was. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a film made based on his life.

    • Matt- I’m with you; there is a nice mystique around Williams.

      As for a film, my guess is that the subject lacks the drama needed to draw in a non-baseball audience.

      A documentary, with large funding and access to archival footage would be great!!!

      • I don’t think that there is a lack of drama. In addition to being the best hitter in baseball he was a pilot during WWII (mostly as a flight instructor) and the Korean War. His plane was shot down in Korea (on his first mission I believe) and he landed the plane (on the plane’s belly) without the plane exploding. I would make the film from the time he was born until his standing ovation at his last game at Fenway (his manager pulled Williams out of the game after he hit a HR in his last AB so he could walk off the field by himself).

      • Matt- it is fascinating to me, and probably most baseball fans, and people in the Boston area.

        I’m just not sure that the story would draw people to the movie theater in CA or NY like 42 did.

      • Just the fact that he lived an interesting life. Just like most biopics if their life was interesting they aren’t making a film about it. Not many people were elite baseball players and fighter pilots. His family life had more drama than a Douglas Sirk film.

        I’m sure a film about Ted Williams would appeal to fans of baseball, war and family drama films.

      • Matt- I’m curious which film you think would be a bigger box office draw:

        The Ted Williams Story


        The Livan Hernandez Story

      • The Ted Williams story. You?

      • I’d take the dramatic story of the Cuban defector landing in Miami and winning the World Series in the same calendar year.

        And I think a tale like this would be more appealing to the general public too. Just my opinion….

      • Not sure if there is enough matieral for a feature length film if you’re only talking about one year of Livan’s life. Don’t get me wrong 1997 was a big year for Livan, but to me there Livan’s story arc isn’t as big or as good as Williams.

      • A little background on the history of Cuban baseball, Livan’s story while there, the defection, the arrival in Miami, being on the mound in the World Series, hoisting the trophy!!

        Book it!!!

  2. Ted Williams and his brother Danny grow up latch-key kids . His mother only cares about working at the Salvation army and his dad is always on a photography shoot. It affected Ted’s relationships for the rest of his life.

    Ted plays baseball everyday and his brother hangs out on the streets.

    Ted plays on the PCL San Diego Padres while in high school.

    Nationwide celebrity as a rookie.

    Hit .400 (1941), Won a triple crown (1942) and had a game wining 3 run HR in the AS Game (1941) before going into the Navy during WWII.

    Issues with the draft boards in 1942 led to a strained relationship with the country in 1942.

    Babe Ruth tells Ted that he reminds him of himself during a special AS Game in 1943.

    Wins MVP in his first year back after the war (1946 and 1949 as well).

    Gets shot down and lands the plane on his first mission in Korea. Flew 39 combat missions. Was John Glenn’s wingman.

    When Boston became the last MLB team to integrate Ted welcomed Pumpsie Green openly when he joined the team.

    Ted ended his career with a HR. Manager waited until he took the field to replace him so Ted could get a standing ovation all to himself.

    Was married 3 times. Had a dramatic family life to say the least; no doubt extending from his relationship with his own parents.

    His story beats Livan’s story every day of the week.

  3. I saw a Documentary on Williams just a couple of years ago, I can’t remember if it was HBO or one of the other networks. Talked about his playing days of course, but also went into his military career and his personal relationships with teammates,family and the press. Talked about his love/hate relationship with the fans of Bos. Even went into some of the details surrounding his death and the court battles that ensued.

    If they made a movie, Shia LaBeouf could play him (although I’m not a fan of his, but he would look the part)

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