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Andre Dawson Autographed 1994 Upper Deck Baseball Card – SWEET!!!!

Andre Dawson Autographed 1994 Upper Deck Baseball Card – SWEET!!!!

I received an email from loyal ’30-YOC’ reader Gerad about two weeks ago telling me that he sent me a package in the mail with some neat Dawson stuff.

Well, if you know me, you know that I immediately started to drool at the prospect of what it could be.  And I began checking for the mail with a little more vigor.

And then the package arrived.  And it had a five cards inside – and they are all insane!!!!

Here is the first card:



Signed perfectly in Blue ink, this card is from the 1994 Upper Deck baseball card set.  The card’s setting is Fenway Park and I am loving the way that the Blue ink works with the Red Sox colors that Andre is proudly sporting.

Gerad- Thank you for the great stuff!  This card is a great addition to my signed Dawson baseball card collection.  Thanks again!!

2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – Stephen Strasburg

2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – Stephen Strasburg

With the new 2013 Topps Archives baseball card set release, the ‘Mini Tallboys’ subset is easily one of the best parts of the issue.

The cards from this subset offer a very basic, but throwback feel that screams vintage. The set is 40 cards deep and offers a nice mixture of current players, stars from the 1980′s, and Hall of Fame legends.

This is the Stephen Strasburg card from the set:



I have watched a lot of baseball this season.  And of all of the players that I have watched and wished that they had better results, number one on the list is Stephen Strasburg.  Stras has pitched well, but the run support that the Nationals have given him in his starts has not helped.  His ERA hovers right around 3.00 on the year, and his strikeout and walk numbers are right where they should be.  Stras should have 13-14 wins by this time, but it is likely that he ends the year with less than ten.  Yes, ten!

Frank Robinson 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Frank Robinson 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

When I picked up this card of Frank Robinson, I immediately had to do a re-check to see what Robinson’s original card from the 1966 Topps baseball set looks like.  You can view it here.

While I will always take the original version over the reprint, I have to say that Topps did a great job with the modern version of the card.  I like the image selection that they went with, and the shot used of Robinson is certainly representative of the era in which the card represents.

Great work, Topps!!!



Man, I love that hat!!  And the Grey wool Orioles uniforms are one of my favorites from the 60’s!!!

Rickey Henderson 2011 Topps – ’60 Years Of Topps’

Rickey Henderson 2011 Topps – ’60 Years Of Topps’

I recently got a package in the mail from another loyal ’30-YOC’ reader – Jarred.

Jarred and I have sent cards back and forth over the last few months – he gets my Red Sox and I get modern cards featuring the legends of the game that I have an affinity for.

The recent package that Jarred sent over had two card of Rickey Henderson in the mix.

This one is from the 2011 Topps ’60 Years Of Topps’ set.  I have liked this set since the debut, and the Henderson card is phenomenal!

Have a look:



Just like I recall Rickey – Arms pumping, legs pushing, eye on the catcher!!  Is there any doubt that he was safe??  🙂

A great card for my Henderson collection!!!  Thanks Jarred!

Keith Hernandez 1987 Fleer

Keith Hernandez 1987 Fleer

Keith Hernandez won 11 Gold Gloves during his major league career.  From 1978-1988, there was no better defender at first base than Mr. Hernandez.

I would rank him in the ‘Top Three’ defensive first basemen that I have ever seen.

As a matter of fact, he was so good at playing defense, he considered it to be fun.  He could often be found covering the bag with a smile on his face and dirt on his uniform.

His card from the 1987 Fleer baseball card set captures that scene very well.

Take a look:

hernandez 9



Beware Of The Fake Mariano Rivera Rookie Cards!!!!

Beware Of The Fake Mariano Rivera Rookie Cards!!!!

Loyal ’30-YOC’ reader Matt shared this article with me the other day and I had to do my duty and pass it over to you to read too.


I have read the story 3 or 4 times now and I am still shocked.  I’d heard about cards being doctored-up before, but I never considered it would occur with cards that are still relatively affordable – and modern.  1952 Mantle makes more sense to me – but a 1992 Bowman baseball card??  Color me naive…

Anyway, I am more than appalled by this story.  And I am also very, very happy that I do as much ‘homework’ as I do when buying older cards.

Hopefully this has not happened to any of us!!!

Rivera Rookie