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Andre Dawson 2013 Topps Tribute – GOLD!!!

Andre Dawson 2013 Topps Tribute – GOLD!!!

FINALLY!!!!  After months and months of shopping and waiting, I have landed the Gold parallel version of Andre Dawson’s 2013 Topps Tribute baseball card set.

I was able to land most of the cards from this release rather easily, but this one took me months to grab.  And they were pretty scarce as well…

Serial numbered to just 25 copies, mine is number 2/25.

Have a look:



I believe that I have seen 5-6 of these appear on Ebay since the Tribute release a few months ago.  All have either gone unsold due to the high asking price or have been sold for more than what I was wanted to pay.

But, finally, I raised my ‘willing to pay’ amount and was able to land it!!

A great addition to my Andre Dawson player collection!!!

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Series 2 – ‘Chase It Down’

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Series 2 – ‘Chase It Down’

Because of his supreme speed and developing baseball intelligence, Bryce Harper makes a lot of exciting plays in the outfield.  It is nice to see a player not give up on a play – EVER!!

Bryce was featured in the ‘Chase It Down’ subset that was part of the 2013 Topps Series 2 release.  He deserves the attention for his defensive ability – and I personally see some Gold Gloves in his near future!!

Here is the card of Harper from the ‘Chase It Down’ set:



I’m really happy that Topps used a horizontal design with this subset.  The cards need that kind of space to show off the images, and the shots fill up the entire card very nicely.

One thing about the card that I do not care for is the color of the text.  The Silver-on-Black does not work and it makes it very hard to read.  If the text was done in White, it would be much more appealing to look at and easier to read.

Carlton Fisk 1982 Topps All-Star – Bad, Bad Bad…

Carlton Fisk 1982 Topps All-Star

OK, I like the old-school cap.  And I can work with the butterfly collar as well.

But this card is just awful!!!

Take a look:



Was the photographer a foot away from Fisk when he snapped this picture?  Who at Topps thought that this photo was a good one to choose when celebrating Fisk and his All-Star status???


Did You Know…

The only player to participate in all 44 World Series games played between the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers is Pee Wee Reese.


Andre Dawson Special Commemorative Chicago Cubs Season Ticket From 4/16/2013

Andre Dawson Special Commemorative Chicago Cubs Season Ticket From 4/16/2013

Thanks to the help of the best Cubs-collecting blogger on the planet, I was able to identify a 2013 commemorative ticket that the Cubs issued this season that featured Andre Dawson on it.

And as soon as I learned about it, I hunted one down for my collection!!

This ticket is from Game 8 of the Cubs season and it features Andre with the 1971 Topps baseball card design as the centerpiece.  Each card featured on the ticket was also made into actual cards and special collector sets that have been  distributed to fans attending specific Cubs games during the 2013 baseball season.

Dawson is featured in the ticket and baseball card sets just twice.  It’s time for me to hunt down the ticket from Game 19!!

In the meantime, here is the commemorative ticket from Game 8:




Man, this is sweet!  I love the colors, and I was thrilled to find one at a very affordable price on Ebay.

Paul, Thanks again for the tip!!!