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Hank Aaron 2012 Topps ‘Golden Greats’ – Capture The Flag

Hank Aaron 2012 Topps ‘Golden Greats’ – Capture The Flag

Hank Aaron was featured quite a bit in the ‘Golden Greats’ subset that was part of the 2012 Topps flagship set.

And I plan on grabbing all of the cards of him.

This card is one of the many – tagged as ‘Capture The Flag’.

Check it out:



This card celebrates Aaron’s heroics from a game on September 23, 1957.  During this game Aaron hit a walk-off 2-run home run in the eleventh inning to capture the National League pennant.  This victory held off the St. Louis Cardinals and propelled the Braves into the playoffs.

Roberto Clemente 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Roberto Clemente 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

I have a lot of cards from the 2007 Upper Deck SP baseball card set.

The set features all of the legends.  And while some may not like the look of the card’s design as it is on the dark side, I like it.

But, just like with most cards – it is the image used on the card that makes it work!

Does this one of Roberto Clemente work??

clemente 2007 SP

NO.  Not at all.  It is a horribly boring shot of one of the most dynamic players from the 1960’s.

Sorry Upper Deck, not this time…


2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Collisions At The Plate’ Subset – Salvador Perez

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Collisions At The Plate’ Subset – Salvador Perez

The theme of ‘Collision At The Plate’ is one that I think all baseball fans could get excited about. The play in which two players collide with completely opposite goals: 1 putting their body on the line in an effort to score a run for their team. 1 putting every ounce of energy, strength, and will into defending their plate.

Oh yes, the ‘Collision At The Plate’ is the perfect place for baseball drama to be born. And as soon as I saw that the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen set was going to include a subset of cards with the title of ‘Collisions At The Plate’, I knew I would be going after it.

This is the Salvador Perez card from the set:



Perez has only been in the major leagues for three seasons, but he has started to establish himself as a solid catcher.  In his first full-time season in 2013, Perez was an All-Star.

He has a career fielding percentage of .991 and is catching just a tad more than 25% of the players trying to steal bases against him.

Vince Coleman 1990 Topps Record Breaker

Vince Coleman 1990 Topps Record Breaker

I love ‘Record Breakers’ and I wish that Topps would bring them back.  The cards showcase some of the great baseball achievements that occur during the course of the season and it is nice to see it celebrated and acknowledged.

This card starring Vince Coleman is from the 1990 Topps set.


I’m happy to see Vince showcased in the set.  But, the image used is pretty lackluster.

The card is celebrating Coleman’s stealing of 50 consecutive bases – a major league record!!!  It’s just too bad that the image used isn’t as special as the record that Coleman set…



SIGNING RESULTS: Former All-Star & 2-Sport Superstar, Brian Jordan!!!

SIGNING RESULTS: Former All-Star & 2-Sport Superstar, Brian Jordan!!!

I have long been a fan of former Cardinals and Braves superstar, Brian Jordan.

He recently did a signing in the St. Louis area, and loyal ’30-YOC’ reader Gerad was there for the event.  Not only did he attend, but he got two baseballs signed – 1 for him and 1 for me!!

Have a look:



While Jordan may not have achieved the fame that Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders achieved during their professional careers, Jordan dazzled both the major league baseball and national football league for more than a decade.

Jordan starred for both the Cardinals and Braves during his big league career.  He was an All-Star for the Braves in 1999.

A great addition to my signed baseball collection – Thanks Gerad!!!