I want this to be the number on my paycheck.  I want this to be the number of Andre Dawson baseball cards that I own.  Hell, I would even take this number as a lottery prize.

Instead, I count this number as the single greatest individual accomplishment in baseball!!!

On this day in 1985, Pete Rose broke the Major League record for most career hits with 4,192.

I remember watching this game live on TV with my dad when I was just 9 years old.  Before the Internet and before Sportscenter became a mainstream media outlet, people tuned into games like this to witness history.  Both my dad and I joined the packed stadium and gave Rose a standing ovation as he became the greatest hitter baseball had ever seen.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Charlie Hustle’!!!

4 responses to “4,192

  1. Love Pete Rose and what he did for the game. He was the extra spark the Reds needed in the 80`s to revive a poor lineup and dismal seasons. He help craft the careers of Eric Davis, Paul O’Neill & Barry Larkin. The Phillies would have never won without him. He single handedly carried the Expos. When he made the hit, I was watching on TV in Cincinnati on CH 5 and was cheering myself as he made a clean hit, ran to 1st base. The crowd was crazy and my Grandpa had a smile about baseball he hasn’t had in a long time. Steve Garvey at 1st base for the Padres was in ‘awe’ as he knew he was standing next to a baseball legend.

  2. I saw him in vegas last month and asked him to shake his hand as i was a little buzzed. I honestly half expected him to tell me to fuck off or not say anything at all yet he gave me a FIRM handshake and then told my girlfriend and i to “enjoy the rest of our day.” I was surprised and elated! charlie hustle has a fan here!

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