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Rollie Fingers 1975 Topps Baseball Card

Rollie Fingers 1975 Topps Baseball Card

Well friends, I am down to needing just two cards to complete my Rollie Fingers player collection.

That’s because I just landed this card from the 1975 Topps baseball card set!!!



I like the card – the Orange 1/2 border works well with the Oakland A’s colors.  I do, however, wish that the image was zoomed out more so we could get a better sense of what was happening…

The next two on my list are the 1971 Topps and his 1969 Topps rookie card.  The ’71 should not be too hard to score for a good price, but it is the Black border that worries me.  I have not had much luck in finding ones in EX condition for a price that works for me – but I will try!

As for Fingers’ rookie card, I have to say that I am pretty surprised at how much they consistently sell for.  I thought that it would not be a problem sneaking one out for less than $10, but that has not worked out at all.  Maybe it is due to the card being in the very popular 1969 Topps set?  Maybe vintage is making a comeback?  Either way, this one will be a challenge.

Wish me luck!

Hank Aaron 2013 Topps ‘Chasing History’

Hank Aaron 2013 Topps ‘Chasing History’

Another card from the ‘Chasing History’ subset that littered both the Series 1 and Series 2 release this year.

For as much as I don’t care for the theme, I have to say that most of the cards offer some pretty nice imagery.

This one of Hank Aaron, from the Series 2 issue, falls into that category.



What a photo, huh?

This card acknowledges Aaron’s chase to the Extra-Base Hits record.  Aaron holds the record with 1,477 extra base hits.  The closest active player to him is Alex Rodriguez with 1,198.  I believe that this Aaron record is safe!

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Collisions At The Plate’ Subset – Buster Posey

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Collisions At The Plate’ Subset – Buster Posey

The theme of ‘Collision At The Plate’ is one that I think all baseball fans could get excited about. The play in which two players collide with completely opposite goals: 1 putting their body on the line in an effort to score a run for their team. 1 putting every ounce of energy, strength, and will into defending their plate.

Oh yes, the ‘Collision At The Plate’ is the perfect place for baseball drama to be born. And as soon as I saw that the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen set was going to include a subset of cards with the title of ‘Collisions At The Plate’, I knew I would be going after it.

This is the Buster Posey card from the set:



Buster Posey has firmly established himself as one of the great, young talents that will take the game of baseball into the next era.  His offense is superb, and he continues to get better and better behind the plate.

Already a ROY and MVP, Posey is also a batting champion and a 2-time World Series winner!!  The sky is the limit for him, and any team that he is catching for!!

Did You Know…

Joe Niekro played 22 seasons of major league baseball.  During his career, he hit one home run – off of his Hall of Fame brother, Phil.   The shot came on May 29, 1976.


Happy Birthday Gaylord Perry!!!

Happy Birthday Gaylord Perry!!!

Gaylord Perry turns 75 years old today.

The legendary Hall of Famer and member of the ‘300 Wins Club’ has a lengthy resume full of stuff that makes baseball players legends.

Check it out:

  • 2-time Cy Young award winner
  • 314 wins
  • 3,534 strikeouts
  • 303 complete games
  • 53 shutouts
  • 3.11 ERA
  • 5-time All-Star

Happy Birthday to an incredible pitcher, one of the greatest – Hall of Famer, Gaylord Perry!!

My Andre Dawson 2013 ‘Topps Tribute Rainbow’ Is DONE!!!!

My Andre Dawson 2013 ‘Topps Tribute Rainbow’ Is DONE!!!!

My collecting friends, I have done it again!!  Another baseball card rainbow is in the books.

This time around, the rainbow is from the 2013 Topps Tribute baseball card set.  And the player being featured?  None other than my favorite player of all-time, Mr. Andre Dawson!!!

The set was relatively easy to put together as I was able to grab all but one card within the first two months of the set’s release earlier this year.  The last card I had to find, the Gold version, proved to be a bit more of a challenge, but that should be expected with a card that is limited to just 25 copies.

Let me show you the rainbow!!!

Base card:










The Rainbow!!!


Very, very nice!!!

My favorite version is still the Blue as it allows for the Blue of Andre’s Cubs uniform to really pop.  That card has more of a 3-D effect than the others and I have to guess that it is due to the Blue background.

I am super excited to have completed this set of Dawson cards from the 2013 Topps Tribute release and I am very excited to see what Dawson-related challenge is next up for me.

Stay tuned…