GIVEAWAY TIME – A Solid Stack Of HOF, MVP, Cy Young, ROY, & All-Star Baseball Cards!!!!

GIVEAWAY TIME – A Solid Stack Of HOF, MVP, Cy Young, ROY, & All-Star Baseball Cards!!!!

Yessir, it is time for another great giveaway courtesy of ’30-YOC’.

I needed to clear some room in some of my boxes and while doing so, I sifted through my collection looking for doubles of cards that I could offer up in a sweet giveaway.  And that is good news for you because I am offering up a very nice stack of 38 cards right now.

I am going to be giving away the below lot of cards that features players that are Hall of Famers, ROYs, MVPs, Cy Young Winners, and All-Stars – there will be a nice combination of both vintage and modern cards.  And I think  that they would be nice additions to many collections out there.

To make yourself eligible for these baseball cards, simply leave a comment on this post and let me know you’re interested.  I will throw all names into a web-randomizer tool to select the winner!!

So, get going – Let me hear it!!  All entries must be submit by Tuesday at 9:00PM so I can pick the winner and promptly make the winning announcement on Wednesday morning.

Here is a peek at the prize:


Thanks for reading ’30-YOC’.  And Good Luck to you all!!!


36 responses to “GIVEAWAY TIME – A Solid Stack Of HOF, MVP, Cy Young, ROY, & All-Star Baseball Cards!!!!

  1. I am interested! Thank you!

  2. I am all in and thank you Brian!

  3. I am in, thanks for the give away!

  4. I’m in thanks

  5. Always interested in baseball cards, free or not !

  6. I’m in, thanks!

  7. Put my name in the pot! I’ll get lucky one of these days.

  8. I’m in – thanks!

  9. me too!!!!

  10. I would like in on this one.

  11. Totally interested – you’re awesome!

  12. I am what I am and that is entering into this contest.

  13. Yes, Brian, I am interested.

  14. I’m in! Thanks Brian!!!

  15. More than interested!!! I’m in.

  16. 68 Ernie? I’m interested.

  17. i see some Cubs in there, count me in..: )

  18. Yup – I’m interested and in as well. Thanks!

  19. I’m in Thanks for the contest. Love to see what’s in the stack.

  20. Great looking lot, I’m in. Thanks!

  21. Im In! Thanks! Great blog!

  22. Count me in!

  23. I’m in thanks!

  24. All in! Just like my Buccos!

  25. count me in. Thanks

  26. You, sir, have my curiousity piqued. Please include me in your contest.

  27. Count me in thanks

  28. I’m closing the entry window now so I can watch the rest of the Marlins/Phils game. I’ll announce the winner in the morning.

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