2012 Topps ‘Prime 9′ Home Run Legends Redemption Set – Mickey Mantle

2012 Topps ‘Prime 9′ Home Run Legends Redemption Set – Mickey Mantle

The 2012 Topps ‘Prime 9’ sets were issued through redemption cards that were inserted into hobby boxes of the Topps 2012 flagship baseball card set.  The cards were numbered and each card represented a specific card it could be redeemed for.

These special insert cards were redeemable only through hobby shops and Topps made these cards available for redemption on a very limited basis.

The card’s design is great, and I have been a fan ever since seeing them.  The high-gloss finish is unlike any that I have seen before and I like the fact that Topps rewards the baseball card business owner with such a nice, exclusive offer.

This is the Mickey Mantle card from the set:



Some interesting Mickey Mantle Home Run facts:

  • 536 career home runs
  • Most on the road – 42, Tigers Stadium
  • 5 inside the park home runs
  • most off a pitcher – 13, Early Wynn
  • most off a team – 77, Athletics (Oak.KC.Phil)
  • 373 vs right-hand pitchers, 163 vs lefties
  • 45 games with 2 home runs, 1 game with 3
  • 103 of 536 came in 1st inning

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