1998 HEADLINE: Ripken’s Streak Ends At 2,632 Games

1998 HEADLINE: Ripken’s Streak Ends At 2,632 Games

On this day in 1998, Cal Ripken voluntarily sat out his first baseball game in more than 16 seasons.

Baseball’s ‘Iron Man’ thought that it was time for a break, albeit just one game.

Cal’s streak will go down as one baseball’s most grand accomplishments.  His class on and off the field accompanied by a very large baseball skill set makes him one of the greatest ambassadors that the sport will ever encounter.

Always gracious, always smiling, always a favorite – Thank You Cal!!!

9 responses to “1998 HEADLINE: Ripken’s Streak Ends At 2,632 Games

  1. I read somewhere that he later regretted sitting that game out and ending the streak. Have you heard anything about this?

  2. T.J. -I’ve never read that Cal regretted stopping the streak, but I’m going to look into it.

    When Cal decided to sit out that game; it was HUGE news. News stations in Baltimore talked about Cal NOT playing for a good 20-25 minutes before they got to the rest of the days news. His cards at the card shops got even hotter than what they were before. It was pretty crazy.

  3. Playing in all the games was “Cal’s thing”, but he ended the streak on his own terms. I think that’s a lot better than getting injured or getting pulled out of a starting lineup because of a lack of production.

  4. Cal was a class act all through his career. You never heard of him moaning about contracts, batting line ups, positions on the field, he just went out there and played! I got a chance to meet him this passed summer in Chicago and he was the best person to meet, sign an autograph and get a picture with. He had taken the Seinfeld approach, go out on top and let the world remember who you were and what you did!

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