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2012 Topps ‘Prime 9′ Home Run Legends Redemption Set – Hank Aaron

2012 Topps ‘Prime 9′ Home Run Legends Redemption Set – Hank Aaron

The 2012 Topps ‘Prime 9’ sets were issued through redemption cards that were inserted into hobby boxes of the Topps 2012 flagship baseball card set.  The cards were numbered and each card represented a specific card it could be redeemed for.

These special insert cards were redeemable only through hobby shops and Topps made these cards available for redemption on a very limited basis.

The card’s design is great, and I have been a fan ever since seeing them.  The high-gloss finish is unlike any that I have seen before and I like the fact that Topps rewards the baseball card business owner with such a nice, exclusive offer.

This is the Hank Aaron card from the set:



Some interesting Hank Aaron Home Run facts:

  • 534 of career 755 came against right-handed pitchers
  • 385 came at home, 370 came on the road
  • most against single team is 97 against Cincinnati
  • most against any pitcher is 17 against Don Drysdale
  • most at road ballpark is 50 at Wrigley Field
  • 61 games with 2 home runs; 1 game with 3
  • most home runs came in 1st inning – 124
  • 399 of 755 were solo home runs


Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Mini Web-Only Exclusive – 2012 NL ROY

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Mini Web-Only Exclusive – 2012 NL ROY

I am really trying to keep up with the modern Bryce Harper releases so I don’t fall behind.  And at the same time, I am trying to not ‘fall for’ the first cards I see from new issues as they often attract the most interest and the higher bids.

So, I was excited to find this card, from the 2013 Topps exclusive mini set, with no bids on it as it was coming to an end.

I won the card with no competition, and I am happy to bring it into my collection!!!



The card is a spitting image of Harper’s card from the Series 2 release – just about 20% smaller.

Jim Rice 1982 Donruss – Another Bad One…

Jim Rice 1982 Donruss

Jeez, I don’t know what it is, but I am pulling in a lot of really awful Jim Rice cars for my player collection that honors his Hall of Fame career.

This is supposed to be a fun way to go back and enjoy a player’s career, but when the cards look like this, it is quite a challenge…



Jim Rice was a league leader quite a bit during his career.  In 1982, he led the league in just one category, and it is not one to be boastful about…  In ’82, Rice hit into 29 double plays – the most in the American League.

Fingers crossed that the next Jim Rice card I show off is a big upgrade…

1996 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson Captures The Final Hit & Final RBI Of His Major League Career

1996 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson Captures The Final Hit & Final RBI Of His Major League Career

On this day in 1996, Andre Dawson connected for the final hit and drove in the last RBI of his major league career.

At home and hosting their divisional rivals, the Atlanta Braves, the Florida Marlins were looking to eclipse the .500 mark by the end of the 1996 baseball season.  With just 4 games to go, and a record of 79-80, the Marlins were hosting the leaders of the NL East, the Braves.

In front of a home crowd of more than 25,000 fans, Andre Dawson put on one last ‘show’ for the home team and the baseball world.

‘Hawk’ went 3-for-4 in the game driving in one run and scoring two times.  All three hits were singles, with them all coming off of Braves’ hurler, Denny Neagle.   The final player to score courtesy of an Andre Dawson RBI was Edgar Renteria who scored on a Dawson single in the bottom of the first inning.

The Marlins won the game 7-0.

Happy Anniversary Andre!!!

Dawson 1996

1983 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Pitches In His Final Major League Game

1983 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Pitches In His Final Major League Game

On this day in 1983, Fergie Jenkins pitched in his final major league baseball game as a professional.

The Cubs were at home and were hosting the Philadelphia Phillies (the team that Jenkins debuted with in 1965).

With the Cubs 17 games below .500 and out of the playoff picture for most of the season, the crowd was very small at Wrigley Field; just over 3,000 in attendance.

Jenkins, who was a relief pitcher by this time, entered the game in the top of the ninth inning with the Cubs trailing 3-2.  He gave up two hits and two runs while closing the final inning of the game and of his career.  He would not factor into the decision.

Probably not the way that he wanted to go out, but it was the final chapter of his amazing and certainly Hall of Fame worthy career!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Jenkins, and ‘THANK YOU’!!!

Jenkins 1983

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – White Frame Version

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – White Frame Version

What a beauty!!!

I am so happy that the new Gypsy Queen set had Joe Morgan on their 100-card ‘White Frame’ checklist.

This card is so nice, and the stark white frame really allows for the image and every single splash of Red from Morgan’s helmet, uniform, and socks stand out.

Have a look:



I don’t have too many of the ‘White Paper Frame’ cards from the GQ set because the checklist did not feature a lot of cards of the guys that I collect.

But, if this smaller set included Andre Dawson and Fergie Jenkins, I would have absolutely gone after them as well!!

I love it!!!