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Joe Morgan 1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated ‘Legends Of The Game’

Joe Morgan 1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated ‘Legends Of The Game’

I guess that you could say that this card has used some kind of ‘Sepia Toned’ package to provide this look.

But for me, it just does not work…

Have a look:



A bit boring with the design, and no true graphics to speak of, the card is pretty bad.  I like the action and the image is not horrible – but I want to see more!  Zoom out and show me more of the game, show Morgan’s full bat, add a tad of Red coloring to Morgan’s sleeves, jersey, and helmet.

And while I normally don’t demand that all of my cards feature some kind of frame around the card’s image, I think that this one calls for one…



Keith Hernandez 1989 Donruss “Baseball’s Best”

Keith Hernandez 1989 Donruss “Baseball’s Best”

Keith Hernandez was awarded a card in the 1989 Donruss “Baseball’s Best” card set.

I like this one so much more than his base card from the Donruss flagship release of 1989.

Have a look:

hernandez 13


I’ll take a nice action shot over a posed shot any day of the week!

On top of that, the coloring of this card is much lighter and has a lot more life to it.

As for Hernandez’ 1989 season, it was his last season with the New York Mets.  He was a part-time player for the Mets in that final year, appearing in just 75 of 162 games and hardly having the same impact that he had just a few seasons before when he was an All-Star.

1996 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson’s Final Major League Game Of His 21-Season Career

1996 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson’s Final Major League Game Of His 21-Season Career

On this day in 1996, Andre Dawson played in his final major league game capping a 21-season career.

Dawson and his Marlins teammates were on the road in Houston taking on the Astros.  Regulated to a bench role in his final season, Dawson did not make start in the game, but he did make an appearance as a pinch hitter.

Dawson did not get a hit, he popped out in foul territory to record the final out of his major league career.

The Marlins lost the game 5-4 and Andre Dawson’s career was over.  Dawson was one of the most well-rounded players from his generation – a guy that displayed all of baseball’s ‘5 Tools’ en route to being a Rookie of the Year Award winner, an MVP, an 8-time All-Star, an 8-time Gold Glove Award winner, and a 7-time Silver Slugger Award winner.

Congratulations on a fantastic major league career Andre.  And ‘THANK YOU’ so much for the amazing memories!!!

Dawson Marlins 1996

1954 HEADLINE: Willie Mays Makes The Greatest Catch In Baseball History!!!

1954 HEADLINE: Willie Mays Makes The Greatest Catch In Baseball History!!!

On this day back in 1954, Willie Mays made ‘The Catch’.

Often considered to be the greatest defensive play in baseball history, this outstanding catch still gets ‘air-time’ every year.  The fact that this catch happened in front of a national audience during the baseball playoffs only added to its legend.

One could certainly argue that more amazing catches have been made since, but this is ‘The Catch’ that still stands out amongst all others.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Mays!!!


1996 Score Florida Marlins Team Set

1996 Score Florida Marlins Team Set

I don’t own many cards from this period – you can say that I was officially out of the hobby in 1994/95.

But, I did add the Andre Dawson card from this set to my collection a few years ago when I decided to try to build the ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection.

Since that was the only card that I went after from this release, I had no idea how nice the set was.  The cards feature tons of action.  The White border allows for the colors to really pop.  And the Score logo has been colored to match the team’s colors.

Check it out:

1996 SCORE A

1996 SCORE B


Kind of funny how the team’s biggest star (Gary Sheffield) has the worst card in the set, but no biggie…

I have to say that the matching the Score logo’s coloring to that of the team was a great move – it really ties it all together.  And to be honest, at first I thought that all of the cards from this set featured a Black and Teal brand logo.  It was not until a search on Ebay proved to me that Score intentionally went out of their way to match every team’s color scheme to the logo for their cards.

Another great looking Marlins team set for my collection!!!!