1996 Score Florida Marlins Team Set

1996 Score Florida Marlins Team Set

I don’t own many cards from this period – you can say that I was officially out of the hobby in 1994/95.

But, I did add the Andre Dawson card from this set to my collection a few years ago when I decided to try to build the ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection.

Since that was the only card that I went after from this release, I had no idea how nice the set was.  The cards feature tons of action.  The White border allows for the colors to really pop.  And the Score logo has been colored to match the team’s colors.

Check it out:

1996 SCORE A

1996 SCORE B


Kind of funny how the team’s biggest star (Gary Sheffield) has the worst card in the set, but no biggie…

I have to say that the matching the Score logo’s coloring to that of the team was a great move – it really ties it all together.  And to be honest, at first I thought that all of the cards from this set featured a Black and Teal brand logo.  It was not until a search on Ebay proved to me that Score intentionally went out of their way to match every team’s color scheme to the logo for their cards.

Another great looking Marlins team set for my collection!!!!

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