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Jim Palmer 2013 Panini Cooperstown – Base

Jim Palmer 2013 Panini Cooperstown – Base

Here is another of the many new cards from the 2013 Panini Cooperstown set that I have added to my collection recently.

This card is from the base set and it features Orioles pitching legend, Jim Palmer.

Check it out:



I like the look of this year’s base set.  Sticking with the theme of adding the player’s HOF induction year in the card’s graphic element, I like how Panini did it this year.

And I also happen to be very happy with the image selection Panini made for this card as well.  You obviously don’t see the logo on Palmer’s cap, but you also are not missing any of the action…

I like it!!!

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Collisions At The Plate’ Subset – Carlos Ruiz

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Collisions At The Plate’ Subset – Carlos Ruiz

The theme of ‘Collision At The Plate’ is one that I think all baseball fans could get excited about. The play in which two players collide with completely opposite goals: 1 putting their body on the line in an effort to score a run for their team. 1 putting every ounce of energy, strength, and will into defending their plate.

Oh yes, the ‘Collision At The Plate’ is the perfect place for baseball drama to be born. And as soon as I saw that the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen set was going to include a subset of cards with the title of ‘Collisions At The Plate’, I knew I would be going after it.

This is the Carlos Ruiz card from the set:



At one time, while the Phillies were the best team in the National League, it was Carlos Ruiz that was the soft-spoken leader of the team and he was a huge reason that the team’s pitching staff was performing so well.

Sadly, between injuries and suspension due to drug use have limited his play as of late and he is now a ‘What Could Have Been’ kind of player.

Personally, I wish that Topps left him out of this set…


1985 HEADLINE: Phil Niekro Joins The ‘300 Wins Club’

1985 HEADLINE: Phil Niekro Joins The ‘300 Wins Club’

On this day in 1985, and at the age of 46, Phil Niekro joined the 300 Wins Club.

A seasoned veteran with 24 years of major league experience, Niekro tallied win after win through 3 decades leading up to this historic day.

On the last day of the regular season, Niekro and his New York Yankees team was on the road to take on the Toronto Blue Jays.  44,000+ fans packed the stadium and watched history be made as Niekro earned his 300th victory as the Yankees won the game 8-0.  In the game, he pitched all 9 innings en route to 4-hit shutout.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Neikro!!!

1966 HEADLINE: Jim Palmer’s World Series Debut Is Historic!!!

1966 HEADLINE: Jim Palmer’s World Series Debut Is Historic!!!

On this day in 1966, a 20-year old Jim Palmer threw a gem in Game 2 of the World Series.

Still in his rookie season, and on the road to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers, Palmer took the mound with the entire baseball world watching.

And this kid delivered one of the greatest pitching performances in World Series history.  And he was the youngest player on the field.

Palmer pitched a masterpiece.  Going the distance, Palmer and his Orioles teammates won the game 6-0.  He threw a complete game shutout while allowing just 4 hits and striking out 6 batters.  A legendary performance by a calm, cool-mannered kid!!!

Congratulations Mr. Palmer!!!

My Small, But Rapidly Growing, Jose Fernandez Player Collection

My Small, But Rapidly Growing, Jose Fernandez Player Collection

Since being called up by the Miami Marlins earlier in the season, I have been slowly putting together a collection of Jose Fernandez baseball cards.

All of my buys have come via the web, and most from shopping Sportlots.com.

Fernandez was uber-impressive this season, and while he will never get the attention he deserves if he is a Miami Marlin, I have to say that I have personally enjoyed watching so many of his games this year.  At his age, he has incredible command and does not appear to let a bad inning ruin the outing or change his mood.

To put it simply, he is a joy to watch and I hope that the obvious enthusiasm that he has for the game is not ill-effected by anything that happens with this organization (as they tend to mess up quite often).

Here is a look at my collection thus far:

Jose Fernandez PC


Hopefully I can haul in some more cards of Jose during the offseason.

Do you have any you want to trade???