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Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – The Start Of A New Subset: 2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – The Start Of A New Subset: 2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’

I was not seeking out the cards in this purchase, and to be honest I did not know that they existed.

But, since I did not have to dedicate any time to sifting through cards from the new Panini, Pinnacle, or Topps Chrome sets, I had a little more time to dig into some other things.

So, I looked for the ‘Silver Lining’ and I think that I did pretty well…

I was able to rescue two cards from the 2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players of the Week’ set.  These cards were obtained back in 2011 through a redemption process – buyers of 2011 Series 2 hobby boxes could obtain redemption cards that would be exchanged for these ‘Prime 9’ cards on a weekly basis throughout the second half of the 2011 season.

This set features one player for each position, and includes a mix of both former and current stars.

I fell upon two cards from this set – back to back – in a $1 box.  I bought both.

Here is the card of Ichiro:


And here is the card of Sandy Koufax:


As soon as I got home from the show, I researched the checklist.  This is a set I will be going after as it is star-studded.

Obviously Ichiro makes up one of the outfield spots in this set, and Koufax is the starting pitcher.

Consider this a new challenge for ’30-YOC’.  This set looks great and will be a perfect complement to my ‘Prime 9 Home Run Legends’ set that is nearing completion.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – Frank Robinson 2001 Donruss ‘All-Time Diamond Kings’

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – Frank Robinson 2001 Donruss ‘All-Time Diamond Kings’

I know that Donruss peppered the Diamond Kings set into a lot of releases in the 2000’s.  I just had no idea that they did so in 2001.  Most of the DK cards that I have picked up for my player collections are from 2003, 2004, and 2005.

So, you can imagine my excitement to find another Diamond King set out there that features the legends of the game.  And it was an added bonus to find this out by spotting a new Frank Robinson card.

The card is serial numbered as 2400/2500 and the tagline of the set is ‘All-Time Diamond Kings’.

Have a look:




Pretty nice, huh!?!?!

And with a name like ‘All-Time Diamond Kings’, I am going to have to seek out the full checklist to see who else may be included.  This card set me back just $1 so if there are other affordable cards in the set of the players I collect, I will try to affordably seek them out too.

Stay tuned for that…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Willie Mays 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Glove Stories’ – Mini

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Willie Mays 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Glove Stories’ – Mini

You know me, I like to collect subsets.  And the ‘Glove Stories’ subset issued in this year’s Gypsy Queen set has been considered an option due to the great action it offers.

I did not know that this set was issued in ‘mini’ format but when I saw this card I immediately grabbed it.

This is the card of Willie Mays from the set.  As you can see, he is making ‘The Catch’ that was made famous in the 1954 World Series.

Check it out:



In time, I will go after this whole set.  And after seeing this mini version, I may have to snag the minis as well…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – Cal Ripken Jr. 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – Cal Ripken Jr. 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Because I was unable to find anyone with any of the new Panini or Pinnacle sets, and only one with the new Topps Chrome cards, it allowed me some time to check out a few other tables.

And luck was just not on my side.

I sifted through a pretty large box of $1 cards, all in top loaders, at a table that I normally do not shop at.  There was not really anything in there that piqued my interest except for this card.



This is the Cal Ripken card from the 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorite set.  As you can see, the card uses the 1983 Topps card design as its template, and I have to say that the coloring looks great.

After bringing this card home, I had to check out the original 1983 Topps card of Cal as I could not recall the image used.  I still think that I like the ’83 version better, but not by much…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #1 – Rickey Henderson 2013 Topps ‘Spring Fever’ Redemption Card

Baseball Card Show Purchase #1 – Rickey Henderson 2013 Topps ‘Spring Fever’ Redemption Card

While sifting through a quarter box of cards from 2013, I fell upon a few of the Topps ‘Spring Fever’ cards.  These cards were issued during the early part of the baseball card collecting season.  Randomly inserted into Series 1 hobby boxes, Topps put ‘Spring Fever’ redemption cards into their hobby packs allowing for the customer to come back to the card shop and redeem for these limited sets.

The gimmick works and the customers come back to the hobby shop – certainly not a bad way to keep the doors of hobby shops opening, so I applaud Topps for their efforts.

Among the cards that I saw in the lot was this card of Rickey Henderson.

Have a look:



She is a beauty!  And the way that Topps worked the coloring of the card to match the Yellow & Green coloring of his Oakland A’s uniform is perfect!

I should have bought them all!!  Not sure what I was thinking by skipping right past them…  At least I got this one.

Baseball Card Show Review

Baseball Card Show Review

Well, it is the Monday after a baseball card show weekend and I am here with my report.

Unfortunately, many of the goals that I had for the show were quickly extinguished as none of the dealers present had any cards from the new Pinnacle or Panini releases.  And only one dealer had cards from the new Topps Chrome set, and none of them were Marlins…

Needless to say, I really had to dig in deep to score some cards and bring home some goodies.

While I was not completely thrilled with my haul by the end of the night, I did come away with the inspiration to go after a new subset and maybe even a new modern player collection as well…

Stay tuned for a day full of posts that recap my purchases from the show.

It may not be as many as I have shown off in recent months, but the quality is definitely there!!!

Thanks for reading.  Come back throughout the day to see the stuff…

Reggie Jackson 1984 Fleer

Reggie Jackson 1984 Fleer

Well, I did not score a single Reggie Jackson baseball card at the card show that I attended on Friday night.

So, in order to keep up with my pace of celebrating Mr. October each and every day of the month, I will quickly inject a card of him into today’s schedule before my card show review and purchases are launched.

This is Reggie’s card from the 1984 Fleer baseball card set:



While I like the design, and that old Angels logo, I have to say that this image is a but rough to look at.  Almost painful…

I don’t know if Reggie fouled off a ball or is in the process of fighting back a swing to avoid a ‘Strike’ call, but this one looks like it hurts just a bit…

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

‘Baseball Card Show Review’ in two hours!!!

2010 HEADLINE: Roy Halladay Fires A No-Hitter Against The Reds In His Postseason Debut

2010 HEADLINE: Roy Halladay Fires A No-Hitter Against The Reds

On this day in 2010, Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds.

The game was played in Philadelphia at Citizen’s Bank Park and was Game 1 of the NLDS.

Halladay’s stat line looked like this – complete game, 104 pitches, 8 strikeouts, 1 walk, 12 ground ball outs, 7 fly ball outs, and 1 line drive out.

Halladay’s no-hitter was the first post-season no-hitter since Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series.

Lot Of 2 Reggie Jackson 1987 Fleer Cards – Base Set & Update Set

Lot Of 2 Reggie Jackson 1987 Fleer Cards – Base Set & Update Set

While the 1987 Topps baseball card set will go down as one of the most popular and collected sets of all-time, the Fleer product from the same year is far from bad.

As a matter of fact, a crisp and clean 1987 Fleer set of cards is a joy to look at.

I remember vividly being on a family vacation when we found a baseball card shop in a mall that we had stopped at for lunch – I was 11 or 12 at the time.

The 1987 Fleer set must have just been released as I had never seen the cards before as I had not see the cards prior to this, and the store had a pretty good stack of boxes behind the counter prominently displayed and ready to sell.

My parents bought a box for me, and I remember tearing into all of the packs once we got back to the hotel that evening.  Ah, the memories!!

Reggie Jackson is featured in base set one time and then in the ‘Update’ set for a second time.

Here are both cards:



I really like the border color choice by Fleer for this set.  It is light, yet full of color.  And the blending to White at the bottom of the card is a nice touch and it also allows for the eye to be drawn to the team’s logo.

Two great cards for my Reggie Jackson collection!