Jim Rice 1983 Topps

Jim Rice 1983 Topps

I’ll never tire of showing off cards from the 1983 Topps set on my blog.  The ’83 release by Topps is widely celebrated as one of the best Topps issues of the last 50 years, and it is truly a ’30-YOC’ favorite.

The Jim Rice card from this set is pretty sweet.

Have a look:



I love the use of the Red and Blue that Topps employed for this card of Rice.  And while Navy Blue may be a more appropriate choice for Mr. Rice, I will say that the lighter shade of Blue allows for the Navy of Rice’s cap and uniform stand out a bit more.

And speaking of ‘standing out’ just look at that puny chain-link fence that separates the fans from the field.  You will never see a fence like that in a modern ballpark these days….

4 responses to “Jim Rice 1983 Topps

  1. The 83 set is one of my favorite sets, along with 79, 80, and 81. The order of those 4 sets changes depending on my mood, but those are always my top 4.

  2. I really like 1983 baseball cards, preferably Topps.

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