‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ – Eddie Murray VS Rafael Palmeiro

‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ – Eddie Murray VS Rafael Palmeiro

Originally when I thought of this pairing, I thought it would be fun to put up two members of the ‘500/3000 Club’ up against one another.

But, when you factor in Rafael Pelmeiro’s numbers and how he got better and better with age after teaming with other PED-suspected players on his roster, and it is pretty obvious how long Raffy did steroids and how his individual numbers really started to soar into un-Palmeiro-like tallies.

Still, I thought the conversation would be fun.

The stats don’t lie – these numbers are unreal:

Murray Palmeiro
Seasons 21 20
Games 3,026 2,831
Hits 3,255 3,020
200 Hit Seasons 0 1
150-199 Hit Seasons 14 12
Batting Average 0.287 0.288
.300+ Seasons 7 6
Batting Titles 0 0
On-Base % 0.359 0.371
Walks Drawn 1333 1353
Strikeouts 1516 1348
Doubles 560 585
Triples 35 38
Home Runs 504 569
30-39 HR Seasons 5 6
40+ HR Seasons 0 4
Stolen Bases 110 97
Runs Scored 1,627 1,663
100-Run Seasons 3 4
RBI 1,917 1,835
100-RBI Seasons 6 10
All-Star 8 4
Gold Glove 3 3
Silver Slugger 3 2
ROY 1 0
MVP 0 0
Postseasons 4 3
WS Titles 1 0



Both of these guys amassed some very lofty numbers.   And while there are a few cases in which Palmeiro outshined Murray, all of them can be linked to a spike in annual input right around the time when it was believed that Raffy was juicing.

Looking at the numbers side-by-side really just makes me appreciate Eddie Murray even more.  Anyone that ‘did it clean’ for as long and consistently as he did it is deserving of praise – so ultimately that is what this week’s ‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ is all about – the praise of ‘Steady Eddie’.

You can still cast you vote if you’d like, but there really is no need.  Everything that Rafael Palmeiro accomplished individually in the baseball world is forever tarnished and it is deplorable that he stands as just one of four baseball heroes to launch 500 home runs and connect for 3,000 hits during their careers.

Instead of casting a vote tonight, please take a minute and appreciate the solid, legendary career of Eddie Murray instead.

Eddie Murray

I promise that next week we will get back on track with the debates.  Sorry for the tirade…

10 responses to “‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ – Eddie Murray VS Rafael Palmeiro

  1. For me Murray is the best 1st basemen in the history of baseball with the exception of Lou Gehrig.

    I had the pleasure of watching Murray on a daily basis for most of his 21 year career and no ballplayer has impressed me more than he did. Chanting Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! was one of my favorite parts of seeing him play at Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards.

    In spring training when Murray played with the Mets; they played a late spring training game against the Orioles (either at RFK Stadium or at Camden Yards I can’t remember which) when he came up to bat for the first time Orioles’ fans started the well known Eddie! chant. It was amazing that the Orioles fans would do this for an opposing player. Who would’ve thought something that happened in a spring training game over 20 years ago would be one of my most favorite baseball moments?

    Even though he played for the Dodgers, Mets, Indians and Angels; he always remained an Oriole to me. He’s just the best ballplayer I’ve ever seen.

    • Matt- Great story, Thanks for sharing. He was so respected by the Orioles, it was a shame to see him play for other teams. As a kid I watched a lot of Orioles games and I always thought that he could crush 40 homers a year if he wanted to. Instead, he opted for a high batting average, solid run production, and extreme plate discipline.

  2. I agree Brian no reason to debate Murray vs. Palermo. However, Matt, I would put Murray behind Jimmy Foxx among greatest 1B. Look at his numbers, dude was a beast and 3-time MVP. History would look upon him more if it wasn’t for Ruth and Gehrig being the guys at that time.

    No idea how good Fox was defensively, but offensively before Murray in my books.

  3. charley8; no doubt Foxx was a beast offensively, but to me Murray was the total package offensively and defensively. I think saving runs is just as important as driving them in.

    There don’t seem to be great ways to measure defense,but from what’s available to measure defense it looks like Murray was better defensively than Foxx (and Gehrig as well).

    As far as offensive numbers are concerned Foxx has a far superior AVG, OBP,SLG and OPS, but he only has 30 more career home runs, 5 more career RBI and 609 less career hits.

    It’s hard to compare players from the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s with modern players because the game was very different between then and now.

    • Murray has 700 games on Foxx, so that has to be considered too. I’m more impressed by Foxx offensively. Yes, different eras, but when saying someone is the best at a position you can’t dismiss those earlier guys. You admitted Gehrig was better, so I don’t see the difference other than defensively. I agree preventing runs are important so that’s why I said offensively I would choose foxx over Murray.

      Looking at it offensively you can mix pujols, Musial (I think people consider him OF, but he did play at first thoughout multiple seasons), and Ernie banks into the conversation too.

  4. The Diamond King

    I love me some Murray! I’d definitely go with him. The roids thing only seals the deal.

    If anyone is interested in helping Steady Eddie out, head on over to High Heat State and vote for him in their Circle of Greats voting!

    Here is the link, but don’t go if you aren’t going to vote for Murray!! Heh heh.

  5. I agree thers is not a lot of fair comparison between the 2.. but I have always been a Palmeirl fan.. even in his singles hitting Cubs days. I got to “meet” him at an Orioles fanfest 1 February. Itwas very cold and they had him se up in a tent to sign for the fans( long before the PED mess) He came about 45 minutes early, stayed almost an hour longer than scheduled , was friendly and courteous to all, and signed as beautiful an autograph at the end of the day as at the beginning( My kids and I happened to be the absolute last family in line before a team official cut his time off) I know money has to be involved with PED usage, but I tend to see some of Raffy’s usage as an attempt to be a leader on the field and play everyday. Rose colored glasses i am sure, but I still believe it some, and choose to remember a great player who has better stats than maybe he should…

    • Rich- It’s nice that you have good memories of your meeting with him. While I cannot judge his personality, I can judge his performance. And even while he is in a group of elite players that collected 3,000 hits and hit 500 home runs, he is not half the player of any of them.

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