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2001 Topps Archives ’69 AL HR Leaders With Killebrew, Howard, and Reggie Jackson

2001 Topps Archives ’69 AL HR Leaders With Killebrew, Howard, and Reggie Jackson

While Harmon Killebrew is undoubtedly the feature player on this 2001 Topps Archives baseball card, I will happily take it into my Reggie Jackson player collection as he is celebrated being among the Home Run League Leaders on the card.

The card is a re-print of the 1970 Topps card, and it celebrates the 1969 American League leaders.

Have a look:



Killebrew paced the AL with 49 homers.  Just one dinger behind the leader was Frank Howard with 48, and setting in third place with 47 round-trippers was Reginald Martinez Jackson.

Not bad for a 23-year old kid…

Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter – Mini Black Border

Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter – Mini Black Border

I keep chipping away at the 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter set.

And while I have yet to complete a ‘Rainbow’ yet of any of the players that I am going after, I am getting closer.

My latest pick-up from this set is the mini-Black border card of Jim Palmer.

Have a peek:


This is my fourth Palmer card from the set – my largest amount for any single player thus far.

The only other one that I am actively seeking is the ‘No Number Back’ mini.  Wish me luck with that search – I have yet to see one appear on Ebay thus far…

Roberto Clemente 2005 Donruss Champions

Roberto Clemente 2005 Donruss Champions

I don’t see too many cards from the 2005 Donruss Champions set featured on many blogs.  I’m not sure why, as it is probably one of my favorite designs from the last 15 years.

Donruss did a great job working the team colors into the card’s graphic elements – and that goes for all player/team combinations that make up this set.

Have a look at this card of Roberto Clemente from the set:



It looks awesome!!!

My lone complaint is all of the blank space on the right side of the card.  Yes, I know that there are relic cards in this set, and I have an Andre Dawson one, but maybe Donruss could have thrown a vintage Pirates logo onto that side for the base cards – to help balance the card and fill up some of the empty space…

Just an idea, but I still love it!!

Keith Hernandez 1988 Fleer

Keith Hernandez 1988 Fleer

In many of my other posts that have contained 1988 Fleer baseball cards, I have stated that the design works very well with teams that feature Blue and Red in their team colors.  Teams like the Cubs, Expos, and Rangers are a perfect match for the ’88 design.  Teams that support colors close to these also work out well – and the Mets are among them.

But that is only part of if.  You MUST feature great, action-packed images with this design to make it work.  The diagonal strips of the design call for action images – and when executed well, the cards look great.

But, they do not look good, at all, with stationery pictures.

The Keith Hernandez card from the set is an example:

hernandez 10

It’s almost like this image stops the stripes from flowing…


Did You Know…

The first brothers to earn the Gold Glove Awards for defensive excellence are Ken and Clete Boyer.  Both players played third base during their careers with Ken winning five awards and his brother Clete winning one.


1994 Bowman Florida Marlins Team Set

1994 Bowman Florida Marlins Team Set

We’re going old-school tonight as we go back and visit my most recent Florida Marlins team set acquisition.

The set comes from the 1994 Bowman release.

And it features a ton of Teal!!!!

Have a look:




I was not actively collecting baseball cards in 1994 when this set was released.  But, I was heavily entrenched in the hobby when Bowman came back in 1989.  And I have to say that five years later, this set looks nothing like the 1989 issue from a few years before.

Sure, this set features a handful of posed portrait-style cards like the ’89 set, but it also has some action – tons of action as a matter of fact!!!  Of the action cards, my favorites are the horizontal ones – Great photography!!!