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Reggie Jackson 1986 Fleer – ‘Future Hall Of Famers’

Reggie Jackson 1986 Fleer – ‘Future Hall Of Famers’

I won’t go as far as to say that Fleer had a ‘Crystal Ball’ in 1986, but I do like that they looked to the future and issued a set of cards that featured ‘Future Hall Of Famers’.

The set features six cards in total, with Reggie being #6.



And for the most part, they nailed it.  The remaining players featured in the set are Rod Carew, Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, and Pete Rose.

I may have to scoop this 6-card set when the right time and opportunity is available.  but, in the meantime, this card will land in my Reggie Jackson player collection!!!

George Brett 1989 Bowman

George Brett 1989 Bowman

Another 1989 Bowman baseball card to feature on my blog as I work on another player collection for a guy that was a big part of 1980’s baseball.

And with the card, we get another Bowman issue with little to no personality and an image style that was very familiar with the 1989 release.

Here is the George Brett card:



I tell you what, it must have been easy to be the ‘Photo Editor’ at Bowman back in 1989.  For sure!

Keith Hernandez 1987 Topps All-Star

Keith Hernandez 1987 Topps All-Star

The 1987 Topps All-Star set pays tribute to the players that were selected as All-Stars during the mid-way point of the 1986 baseball season.

Keith Hernandez was one of those players.

Here is his All-Star card from the ’87 Topps set:



And here are a few reasons for his All-Star selection in 1986:  171 hits, .310 batting average, .413 on-base percentage, 94 walks, 34 doubles, 94 runs scored, 83 RBI, and another Gold Glove Award for defensive excellence at first base.

I’d say that his numbers were certainly All-Star worthy.  Indeed!

Happy Birthday George Bell!!!

Happy Birthday George Bell!!!

George Bell turns 54 years old today.

One of the sport’s biggest sluggers during the late 1980’s, George Bell was a hitting machine during his time with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Seen primarily as a slugger, Bell did have a knack for delivering the longball and driving in runs, but he was also a very talented contact hitter.  During his playing days, Bell amassed 1,702 career hits along with a batting average of .278.  He won three Silver Slugger awards and had two seasons (1986 & 1987) in which he batted above .300.

As for his power numbers, Bell crushed 265 homers in 12 seasons while also driving in 1,002 runs.  His numbers were so impressive in 1987 that he won the AL MVP award.  The numbers from that year were unreal – .308/47/134.

George Bell was a 3-time All-Star.  He competed in the postseason twice, but never advanced to the World Series.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bell!!!

Happy Birthday Ed ‘Whitey’ Ford!!!

Happy Birthday Ed ‘Whitey’ Ford!!!

Hall of Famer Whitey Ford celebrates his 85th birthday today.

One of the most celebrated and valued member of the New York Yankees franchise had a career like no other.  A pitcher on a team full of sluggers, Ford made his presence known with his command on the mound.

Ford spent his entire 16-year career in pinstripes, and he started in 438 contests.  During that time, he compiled a record of 236-106, good for a 69% winning percentage.

Ford won the Cy Young award in 1961 largely in due to his amazing 25-4 record.  He was an 8-time All-star, while also finishing in the Top 20 for the MVP award 6 times.

In his 16 seasons, Ford made it to the World Series 11 times.  He ended winning 6 championships along the way, and he has a 10-8 record in the Fall Classic.

Happy Birthday to a true legend, Mr. Whitey Ford!!!

30-Year Old Cardboard’s 5th Annual “World Series Contest”

30-Year Old Cardboard’s 5th Annual “World Series Contest”

Ok, we’re all set for the World Series to begin so I figured that I can try to make it just a tad more interesting by hosting a World Series related contest.

So, here is how it will work…

Obviously, you will need to predict the winning team – your choices are the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals.

From there, I need you to predict the number of games in which it takes the winner to claim the ultimate prize.

And from there, you have to give me the total number of combined runs scored in the entire series.

An official (not necessarily correct) ballot will look like this:

Red Sox, 5 games, 39 runs

The scoring will work as such – If you predict the correct team, you advance to the next round.  If you predict the correct number of games that it takes the winner to clinch the title, you move to the final round.  The person with the closest number of total combined runs scored to the actual number, without going over, is the WINNER!!!

What are we playing for??

I was trying to find a box of 2013 Topps Update this weekend to offer up, but I struck out. But, I did find a nice hangar box for 2012 Topps Series 2.

Topps Series 2 Hangar

And since we’re limited with time before Game 1 on Wednesday, all picks must be made by 10:00 PM EST on Tuesday evening to be counted.  I will post the players and their picks prior to the start of Game 1.

Best of luck everyone!!!  Enjoy the games.  I know that I will!!!