30-Year Old Cardboard’s 5th Annual “World Series Contest”

30-Year Old Cardboard’s 5th Annual “World Series Contest”

Ok, we’re all set for the World Series to begin so I figured that I can try to make it just a tad more interesting by hosting a World Series related contest.

So, here is how it will work…

Obviously, you will need to predict the winning team – your choices are the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals.

From there, I need you to predict the number of games in which it takes the winner to claim the ultimate prize.

And from there, you have to give me the total number of combined runs scored in the entire series.

An official (not necessarily correct) ballot will look like this:

Red Sox, 5 games, 39 runs

The scoring will work as such – If you predict the correct team, you advance to the next round.  If you predict the correct number of games that it takes the winner to clinch the title, you move to the final round.  The person with the closest number of total combined runs scored to the actual number, without going over, is the WINNER!!!

What are we playing for??

I was trying to find a box of 2013 Topps Update this weekend to offer up, but I struck out. But, I did find a nice hangar box for 2012 Topps Series 2.

Topps Series 2 Hangar

And since we’re limited with time before Game 1 on Wednesday, all picks must be made by 10:00 PM EST on Tuesday evening to be counted.  I will post the players and their picks prior to the start of Game 1.

Best of luck everyone!!!  Enjoy the games.  I know that I will!!!

23 responses to “30-Year Old Cardboard’s 5th Annual “World Series Contest”

  1. Red Sox, 6, 26

  2. Red Sox in 6 games, 34 runs scored. TY Brian!

  3. Red Sox, 7 games, 39 runs

  4. Cards in 6 with 34 runs

  5. Red Sox, 6 ,42

  6. St. Louis, 6 games, 40 runs

  7. Red Sox, 7 games, 42 runs total

  8. Cardinals in 6
    30 runs

  9. Cardinals, 6, 32 runs

  10. Cards, 6 games, 36 runs. Go Redbirds!

  11. Red Sox. 5 games. 24 runs. Thanks!

  12. Red Sox, 4 games, 21 runs

  13. What would make me barf more?

    Cardinals in 6. 38 runs.


  14. Red Sox, 5 Games 40 runs

  15. Red Sox in 6 42 runs

  16. Red sox in 6 , 45

  17. Red Sox, 6 games, 55 runs

  18. Red Sox 6 games, 47 runs

  19. Cubs, 4 games, 19 runs

    *Stop laughing. It could happen!

  20. Alright guys, I am closing the window.

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