Million Dollar Question – ‘When I Say 1989 Topps, You Think What Card’???

Million Dollar Question – ‘When I Say 1989 Topps, You Think What Card’???

The 1989 Topps baseball card set is one of my favorites issues from the 1980’s – call it a ’30-YOC Classic’.

I like the large images that the design allows for, and while the graphics are minimal, I do like how Topps merged the team name and player name into the same graphic.

When I think about the set, there are a lot of great cards.  I really like the team leader cards from the set and the Record Breakers are all really, really nice too.

But, when it comes right down to it, there is one stand-out card from the 1989 Topps set that I think of before I think of any other.

And it is:

Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott’s card – The 1st Round Draft Pick!!!

As a kid that followed baseball as closely as I did back in 1989, I was shocked to hear of Jim Abbott’s story, and even more shocked that I did not hear of him prior to the 1989 Topps card hitting the market.  Sure, I knew he had a card in the 1988 Topps Traded set as part of ‘Team USA’ but media coverage back then was nothing like it is today.  Hell, when I first heard of Abbott and his ability to play major league ball with just one hand, I was shocked.  And none of my friends believed me when I tried to share the knowledge.  There was no Internet, no baseball specific cable channels, etc. – you had to rely a lot more on print media and sometimes finding details like this took time….

To this day I find Jim Abbott to be one of the most inspirational professional athletes of my time and I truly appreciate the positive approach he has to life and to the challenges he faced as he fought his way to the big leagues.

Easily my favorite card from the 1989 Topps set!!!


24 responses to “Million Dollar Question – ‘When I Say 1989 Topps, You Think What Card’???

  1. For me it was the Gregg Jefferies card. SInce Topps missed him in 1988, when that card came out everybody wanted one. i couldn’t sell them fast enough and I kept getting him in packs.

  2. For me, Jim Abbott and Andy Benes are tied – both “Draft Pick” cards, and being a Padres fan, Benes was a big deal, though I wasn’t into collecting until ’92. No denying the greatness of Abbott, however.

  3. My pick is Gary Sheffield. He’s wearing a Run-DMC dookie chain and has gold teeth!! Also the old school Brewers logo is SWEET!

  4. Paul Molitor and Glenn Braggs. The road grays were still pretty new and I liked them a lot. Braggs was an exciting up and comer, and Molitor was, well, Molitor.

  5. Mine is the George Brett. It is a picture of him throwing the baseball in warmups. I had a 1989 Topps folder when I was a kid of that card.

  6. Andre Dawson. I remember my cousin who lives in Chicago mailed me a Dawson back then. Eight year old me thought it was pretty cool to have a Chicago Cubs card that was from Chicago.

  7. I’ve gotta go with Randy Johnson in his Expos uniform… but if we’re including the Traded set too… I’d say Griffey Jr. Always thought both of those cards looked cool. Johnson, because you don’t see him in his Montreal uniform too often. And Griffey… because it’s just an awesome pose.

  8. Eric Davis for his unique stance & swing.

  9. Jim Abbott – you nailed it.

  10. Andre Dawson for me

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